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Low Fasted Insulin, Normal Fasted Blood Glucose: Type 1 Diabetes?

Hi I got some blood work done this last week results come through and found that my fasted insulin level is under the range,
My fasted blood glucose is normal though 86,
After researching google I found this could be sign of type 1 diabetes,

Does anyone know about this kind of thing ?

I think it would be improper to try and make any medical determination from only one set of labs. You or your doctor should order another set of labs then have a consult and see where there goes.

Trying to make too much sense out of one set of labs can just cause anxiety.

Ok do you know about how diabetes works or are you just commenting in general ?

I have type 1 diabetes. The signs and symptoms are more than what you listed. Are you thristy and hungry all the time? Has your vision changed? A simple blood sugar test (finger prick) would show if your blood sugars are elevated. The best test to confirm type 1 diabetes is a c-peptide test. Your insulin levels could be low if you have low insulin resistance (or high insulin sensitivity). In that case, your body doesn’t need a ton of insulin to get the job done.

Ok thanks buddy that gives me something to go off!
And is actually helpful knowledge :wink:
I’m not thirsty all the time but I am hungry a lot lol
One thing I do notice is a struggle to put on weight unless I eat 4,500 callories per day and I’m only 80kg

I mean, how hard would it have been to google symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes then do a mental checklist.

Lets try. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/type-1-diabetes/symptoms-causes/syc-20353011
Bed wetting?
Irritable and moody?
Fatigue & Weakness?
You might be.

Ok so you don’t have any personal knowledge about this kind of thing,

Do I have experience with taking one skewed lab result and thinking I am a diabetic? No.

I also dont have experience with diabetes.

Ok thanks for the constructive input

Get test strips and check your piss for ketones.