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Low Estrogen on TRT

Anyone else struggle to bring estrogen up even with consistently high testosterone levels?
I have T levels over 1000 but estrogen stays at 20 or below.

Current protocol:
65mg Testosterone C. 2x a week (130mg/week).
250 IU of HCG 3x/week.
No AI use for months now.
No zinc or anything I know of that could be lowering it.
No broccoli or cruferious vegetables in any excess.

I have somewhat low body fat which is due to a very active lifestyle/work.
I think I’d feel a lot better if I could get my estrogen up a little.

Right now I’m bloated, tired constantly, sleep super good, low but still there libido, joints are popping, and I feel depressed/anxious.

I tried once weekly injections and it didn’t raise my e2 but I did feel the T rise and fall and prefer bi weekly but I’m willing to consider any and all options.

Anyone experienced the same? Any suggestions besides getting obese, upping the testosterone even more, or drinking daily? I’m hoping for a long term solution!

Thanks guys!

List everything you are taking. I kept lowering my e2 by accident. Just about everything lowers it for me. Anything that improves liver function at least.

Other than what I mentioned:
Vitamin C
Pregogoline (sp?)

For a fact, Vitamin D lowered my e2 drastically. I did a test, my e2 was at 46 on trough. I took 5000 iu of vitamin D every day for 5 days and I felt like something was off, so I retested on peak and my e2 was at 35. So it dropped it.

Do you mean Pregnenolone? DHEA is said to sometimes convert into e2. Why are you taking these btw? Advised to? low on labs?

I would stop all supplements and see what happens to your e2.

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Thanks for the reply and personal insight! I never considered vitamin D to be a possible culprit…
Honestly, I blindly added the pregnenolone and DHEA in an attempt to feel less shitty…
No labs on either but the clearly haven’t raised my estrogen or relieved my symptoms.

I think dropping the supplements is sound advice. Thanks man.

I do bloods monthly while trying to figure this out. I’ll drop the supplements and report back.

But if anyone else has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

"After study was over it was noticed that boron supplementation decreased estradiol levels by 39%, and increased free testosterone 28%. 46 "

Several studies were done on boron, one showed it lowered e2, one showed it raised it. Could be lowering for you.

Are you doing IM or sub Q. If your doing Sub Q, stop.

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I personally used testro-x which have boron in it, it did decrease estradiol crazy low I had to stop it I went from around 16pg to 9pg.

These supplements don’t take into consideration that’s maybe I don’t want to go down for ever or up for ever.

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I do IM.
Dam didn’t think boron might lower it…
Strangely enough I started this journey deathly afraid of raising e2 due to suffering from gynecomastia from 15-30 years old.

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Dhea should help e2 rise.

You can also try increasing HCG a bit. That may raise e2 as well.

And follow what alpha said.

Also I ended up just taking 5k d3 on injection day only. Which is 2x a week.

Been there. I was terrified of E2 at first from all the BS from this board about “keep it at 22 otherwise you need an AI” Total bullshit.

Don’t be afraid of e2. You will get warning signs if its too high and you can adjust.

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Dr rand McClain also recommend staying between 15 and 20, I myself noticed an increase in libido every time I reach 15. I tried that like 3 times with lab test to confirm it.

I wonder what his joints sound like.

But, I have been around 20 all my life man, workout everyday for the past 20 years
I had no joint issues at all.

Its all about ratio. If that is a good ratio for you and you feel good, keep doing what your doing.

the 22 number is straight horse shit though. If I tried to keep my e2 at that number with the TT I have now I would be a fucking dick hole supreme, not to mention feel like dog shit and have fucked joints.

Yea I am trying to increase my T :frowning: let’s see how it goes

Are you on TRT?

Just started my hcg first week with 250iu EOD did three shots doing test tomorrow feel nothing.

I will bring my thread up better than writing here.

Did you find out what was lowering your E2?

I never did figure it out! It faded away and my E2 levels returned to what I typically experience
, which is above range but not by much.