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Low Estrogen on TRT. Help?

All though rare some people (vast minority) don’t aromatize Test (from TRT) into E2. This means their estrogen crashes when starting TRT injections and leads to several issues.

I attempted TRT one year ago and despite increasing my T dose from 80mg to 175mg my E2 kept getting lower and lower (no AI, not premixed). This is rare but happens.

Anybody here with that problem?

I have seen that a few times and will add estradiol to their protocol. Ask your doctor.

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Wouldn’t HCG help with this?

What supplements are you taking?

Vitamin D, melatonin, B vitamins, zinc?

I have lab tested myself after taking these supplements and had decreasing levels of e2.

None. Zinc and Cialis can decrease E2 but that is not the cause.

I just don’t aromatize exogenous T, no matter the ester.

So what is THE science behind this. Aromatizing alot to dht instead which in turn decrease e2?

You don’t aromatize Test to DHT, it’s reduced via 5 alpha reductase.

I do not know the cause or reason, I know it has happened to other people but it’s so rare that I have never seen it addressed by Jordan or Gil or any other knowledgeable person on T.

So you do not take any of those listed supplements? Sorry just clarifying. Because Vit D and melatonin also decrease E2, and they are commonly taken and overlooked by most.

questionable. it creates e2 through the same mechanism the test does, and if you’re lacking in aromatase enzymes, you’ll get the same result

take some exogenous e2 and you’ll be fine.


At this point you clearly are not aromatasing so supplement what you dont create. Were all broken somehow, and fixing it has become a part of everything. Whether its an old dog or a car


Took a shot of HCG last night (300iu) and slept quite well and woke up relaxed.

Does anybody else find HCG extremely soothing? I know progesterone’s is sedative and called the calming hormone which HCG directly increases as well.

the opposite, actually. suppose to act on the thyroid

I feel amazing on HCG, so much better. I have an un underactive Thyroid naturally so if it stimulates it a little then great but the relaxing calming effect comes from Progesterone imho