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Low Estrogen after PCT

Hey guys.

Im 21yo , i was on 250mg of testosterone e for 4 months.
For all the time of the cycle, i was severly low estrogen, because my coach told me to take arimidex eod , very low dose of 0.25 and even lower.

I decided to go on a pct because I couldn’t take the low e2 sides anymore.

I did the following pct according to my coach:
50mg of clomid ed
1000ui of hcg every six days.
I did 21 days of clomid and 4 hcg injections.

I still feel bad joints, my vascularity is non visible, bad sex drive, zero motivation and legit
Depression and really destructive thoughts.

I don’t know what do to?
Why i should eat alot of soy beans to increase aromtase?
I have a feeling that maybe i killed thw aromtase enzyme for life…
Please help me.

YOur coach is an idiot. First he overdosed you on AI.
Then there is no point in doing HCG and clomid together.
You frist make the HCG to get your balls working.
Then you start taking clomid to make the brain send signal to the balls. When you start clomid you should stop the HCG because HCG suppreses the brain signal and reduces a lot the clomid effect you are after. Maybe you can overlap them for some time, but at some point you should stop HCG and take only clomid. 50mg ED is very high dose in my mind even for PCT. 25mg should be enough.
Many people advocate Tamoxifen instead of clomid. Maybe for best results you can take both in lower doses. They have slightly different action

One more thing - HCG every six days is an idiotism. Its half life is 24-36 hours. Its best usage is EOD or at least 2 times a week. Go take a gun and shoot that coach.

What is your practical advice then?

Running another pct?

You think my estrogen problem will be ok afterwards?

YOur estrogen can be crashed for a long time due to the AI usage. You will need to be patient for that. The only thing you can do for now is to restore your testosterone production and yes you need to run another PCT protocol properly Here you can find good PC protocols

Is it okay to run something like nova in my situation?
I have already have low e2.

What about estrogen rebound?

I cannot answer you about nolva but nolva does not reduce your estrogen, it only blocks the estrogen receptor on the breast site. It is best used to prevent gyno but it can be used also for pituitary activation.

One question out of curiosity - was this 250mg per week intended as a cycle or TRT?

Because this is not a real cycle that can give you enough gains, there are guys on TRT that run 250mg although it is on the very high end of TRT dosages. The most basic beginners cycle that can produce noticable results is 500mg/per week

I did 200mg trt, but because it was an underground stuff I decided to go up to 250mg…

Another question:

My balls did grew a little in size, maybe i should take only 25mg clomid for another few weeks?

I would make in your place now 250 or even 500 UI HCG EOD for 2 weeks
Then start clomid
It may not be the best protocol, but definetely way better than what coach recommended you

This is the standard PCT protocol from dr Saya from Defy Medical:

"Over the years (and currently) have zeroed in on our current protocol (with some case-by-case variation):

HCG 300-400iu daily X 14 days, FOLLOWED by Clomid 25mg daily X 28 days (6 week cumulative regimen). "

How long you think it will take my estrogen to go up?
I am really suffering…

I dont know man but first you need to get your testosterone running
If you will not continue with TRT do a proper PCT