Low Estradiol vs High Estradiol Symptoms?

If you like me it seems that both low and high estradiol symptoms are very much alike. I was interested in knowing if anyone one or two particular symptoms that are a good tell for too low or tow high estradiol.

I have read the list of all the symptoms and I get it wrong all the time. Presently, I’ve noticed oily skin, and some acne. libido in in the tank even though “I want to be interested”, experiencing ED and Viagra barley works. Also, my waist line is about 2 inches bigger and a little belly increase.

I’m not a fat guy waist about 39 weight 182 height 5’9.

If you have any tips I would appreciate it.


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My understanding after reading hundreds of hours on all this TRT stuff is that high and low E2 symptoms are very much alike with the exception of low E2 showing marked joint pain with joint popping and/or creaking. Supposedly low E2 can dry out the joints causing these symptoms.

You are correct that symptoms of high and low e2 mimic one another quite nicely. Joint pain is one that only seems to go along with low e2.

Maybe you made a typo, but a waist of 39" and not fat? I’d have to disagree.

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My skin and oil smell very strange with low E. I can smell it on my pillow.

Lab work would really make this easy. And what you are doing about your hormones now. On TRT?

This is disconnected from your other posts so we do not have any context. When you create multiple threads you cause this problem.

[quote]KountKoma wrote:
My skin and oil smell very strange with low E. I can smell it on my pillow.[/quote]
Yeah, apparently I smelled a bit cabbage like when my e2 got high.

Kinda like how women stink when during shark week, I guess.

Hello KS Man,

I’m not sure that lab works when trying to determine which symptoms go with high vs. low Estradiol. Lab work just tells you if your high of low.

But thank you for the thought, and the separate thread is fine for a light question, and thank you again for your input.

Yes, this is a question that is of general interest, so it is good to have a separate thread as opposed to having it buried in someone’s personal thread.

Hello Seekonk,

I think your right about the separate thread. I have been on TRT for over 3 years, and it’s still very hard to feel my way through my high and low symptoms of Estradiol. I know KS Man is a true lab guy, and he may have the time to run to the lab for each challenge, plus I think he may be a Doc perhaps retired since he’s approach is very clinical which is great. I know he try’s to help everyone here. My goal is to do, learn more with less labs, since this is a life long deal plus it think I can have a better, smother ride: if I know what’s happening, when it’s happening.

Personally,I don’t have the time to run to the lab for every TRT thing that comes up. It gets costly and it takes a week to get the results and your system has moved since the draw date…it’s a pain. Every 90 days is plenty for me.

Also, I think you just need to learn “your” system.

Ok, here is a little bit more about high and low symptoms of Estradiol, that I’m noticing, maybe it will help you guys.

I tend to cry, experience anger more on LOW Estradiol and my lips get very dry, Viagra tends not to work and the longer I go to the low side the worse everything gets but the dry lips have started to become my true barometer. Oh, and I do get the joint pain, and weak urine stream on the low side, although this one might be a both stilling figuring that out. :slight_smile:

On the high side, there’s acne on my back, and oily skin and as I climb I still get a decent libido and Viagra works but at some point during the climb I hit the wall. I don’t spend much time on the high side, I guess I’m paranoid of gyno etc. My T-Cyp dose is 34mg and my HCG is 400IU EOD

I think I’m an over responder or at least a guy who does not require large doses of Anastrozole, which has caused a problem as far as dosing goes so I got my doc to get me “Trochee’s” of Anastrozole .10 per dose EOD, which has turned out to be to be, to HIGH of a dose if you can believe it. If you aren’t familiar with Trochee’s they are basically gummy bears, medicine you place under your tongue and allow to dissolve.

They are a bit pricy compared to the tablets of Anastrozole but not to bad at about $40.00 per month, and you can truly dial in your dose. Your doc will need to order them through a compounding pharmacy.

I hope some of this help you guys, and lastly since highs and lows are very close to the same, and can overlap try to find that one, stand out symptom that just might be enough to give you a heads up, so you can adjust. Your goal is to get on a routine ED, EOD ect. so you can stay s m o o t h…

For me, its dry lips on the low side and then I make the adjustment and I’ll improve and next time and then I’m more aware of my needs without running to the lab each time I fall out of balance. This plus the trochee Anastrozole in small accurate dosing I believe we can all get to the best balance so we’re all running right all the time.

Oh, I’m sure you guys are already keeping a daily log but if not it’s very helpful when your adjusting dosing and recalling symptoms.

Well that’s all I have I hope it helps someone have a great weekend!!!


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this is interesting … appreciate the info (if you are still on the forum)

would anyone know why low E would cause a weak urine stream?

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I have low e2, 12 (11.5-35) but normal/high testosterone 650’s. I do not take trt or ai. I also have been complaining of genital numbness, no libido, loss of morning +spontaneous erections. Weak urine stream and stress incontinence? Can this be caused by my e2 levels or should I look elsewhere?

Too much or too little estrogen will lower libido, cause weak erectile strength. Low estrogen can cause stress incontinence in women.

what about men? @systemlord I think you have been helping me on my posts recently.

All the symptoms came at once. Can it cause genital numbness/Complete lack of sensitivity, rubber feeling? Is that common?

It’s known to cause genital numbness in women, you have low estrogen, there is no doubt.

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How does it casue incontinence?