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Low Estradiol Levels. Any Way to Raise Them?

I just got blood work done. Here are the results:

Serum testosterone: 398 ng/dL (348 - 1197)
LH: 7.5 mIU/mL (1.7 - 8.6)
FSH: 5.6 mIU/mL (1.5 - 12.4)
TSH: 0.995 uIU/mL (0.450 - 4.500)
T3: 96 ng/dL (71 - 180)
T4: 6.6 ug/dL (4.5 - 12.0)
Estriadol: 18.9 pg/mL (7.6 - 42.6)

I recently switched from Andro-Gel to cypionate injections. I’m doing two shots a week (Wednesday & Sunday) at 75 mgs each, totaling 150mgs for the week. This was my first week. I’m hoping that it raises my serum testosterone levels higher than what they are now. I guess that I have to wait and see.

I’ve been told that my estriadol levels are too low. I’ve had a horrendous case of anxiety for the last five months and I believe it’s being caused by my estriadol levels. The first two months were complete torture. I couldn’t sit down, let alone get any sleep. I made many trips to the ER. It has calmed down to “tolerable” levels due to me being prescribed Gabapentin and Seroquel. Again, the anxiety is tolerable but it’s still there after five plus months. I believe my estriadol levels may have caused it.

I’ve learned that too low of estriadol levels can give the same side effects as levels being too high. Anxiety being an issue in both cases. What can I do to raise my estriadol levels or should I just wait and see if the cypionate injections will help me over time? I’ve been told supplementing DHEA and Pregnenolone may help. Is that true?

I’m new to both these forums and TRT. It seems that the more I learn, the more questions I have. Thanks in advance for any help.

It’s going to take a few weeks for serum levels to reach a steady state. You need SHBG run as well. At that dose of T cyp, we’d expect to see very high-normal TT. Also, your E2 will go up soon, but an E2 of almost 19 is not really all that low. Guys here shoot for 22. So your anxiety may have another cause. You’ll know soon, because your E2 is sure to shoot up pretty quickly.

Be sure next set of labs are drawn halfway between injections.

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Thank you for your input and the advice on my blood work. I’ll get my SHBG tested next time.