Low Energy / Home Training

I’ve got really low energy levels these days, which I’m guessing is psychological more than physical but it’s showing in my workouts.

I just moved, ended a long term relationship, and started a new job. I’m also taking some evening classes…

I really don’t have a lot of time to go to the gym, and when I do I don’t have the energy to keep it up. I’ve taken breaks and started working out more infrequently so I don’t think I’m overtrained, and I eat ok and supplement with multivitamins, protein, tribulus and ZMA.

I’m thinking about doing home training for a period, and here is what I’ve recently started doing, every other day (with numbers from last exercise included):

(all exercises 1 set, to max)
chins (12)
one legged squats (10)
side presses (1550 pound db)
neck bridge (1 minute)
triceps pushups (20)
concentration curls (15
35 pound db)

all reps are fairly high, and the workout is fairly short. I just came off a Waterbury-inspired program with heavier loads.

Alltough I know this program I’m doing now is far from perfect, would it make sense doing this kind of routine to keep my shape/condition and improve some in the selected exercises for a period of time while I’m getting my shit together? Or do any of you have any other suggestions? Energy levels have never been a problem for me before but I’m totally drained, and I’m just 26.

How heavy of loads were you using in your previous workout? You could be suffering from CNS burnout. Power Drive and Surge should help for recovery.

Also, I find Spike really helps when I am lacking enthusiasm. However, Spike may be counter intuitive if suffering from CNS drain.

That workout looks alright for active recovery, but it won’t build much of anything.

[quote]carandrew wrote:

I just moved, ended a long term relationship, and started a new job. I’m also taking some evening classes…


You sound tired and depressed.

Working a job and taking night classes can be tiring. Ending a long term relationship is tough.

Keep plugging away. Things will get better. You will get your energy back as you get get used to your new schedule.

You just went through 3 of the most stressful chnages of your life. You should be tired and, possibly, a bit depressed.

You might want to consider taking a week or even 2 off altogether for a recharge.

I guess you’re all right, and maybe I should take some time off. However, I guess you all know the feeling of not wanting to :slight_smile: Hitting the weights has always been a good outlet when things get tough, as there are no immediate bears to kill.

Apart from the supplement tips for CNS recuperation and Poliquins tips for upping testosterone levels in the previous question of strength, what else can I do supplementwise to bring things back up again while I’m taking time off? Things are really going the right way, but the last couple of months my immune system has been really weak, been catching colds like crazy (which I never do), and there seems to be a “hangover”.

Thanks for feedback!

Just thought I would throw out what I do for a home workout(upper body) once in a while.

Towel Chins,5 x 4-6 - I just throw a bath towel around a tree branch- these are really hard on the forearms

Claping pushups,5x 3-5

I have a fairly spherical boulder that prob weighs 30-40 lbs I do some throwing with this-

straight overhead- 5-10 throws
chest pass - 5-10 throws
not sure of the proper name, but the one where you swing it between your legs and throw it behind you, this is usually done with a empty keg but the rock works great too.

This works as a great home workout for the rare times when I can’t get to the gym.

You do sounds stressed man, but you know it. If you can try to sleep and eat more, or at least that always helps me. Maybe everyone’s right to recommend a little time off. I find when I’m really stressed, that a full day of sleeping, watching cheesy “mens” movies, and eating lots and lots of good foods helps a lot…but you’ve got to have a day to do it with…

Good luck man, hang in there.