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Low Energy? Feed Your Mitochondria

Hey guys. Just wanted to post this to help anyone out that might be dealing with chronic fatigue like me. after starting this regime for mitochondrial health, I’ve had unbelivable amounts of energy, and am now completely off of ALL caffeine and stimulants. Here is what I’ve been taking each morning.
my mother, who has also been dealing with chronic fatigue from Lyme disease is also seeing amazing results from taking these each morning

  • rhodiola 600mg (switching to biotest version soon)
  • pterostilbene 100mg (more potent resveratrol)
  • l-carnatine 1000mg
  • coq10 w/bioperine 200mg
  • Vitamin-D 2000IU
  • B-complex
  • Magnesium Malate 450mg
  • Creating Hcl 1.5g
  • raw b12 1000mcg


I rarely post but had to regarding this topic. Within the past two months, I’ve started taking ubiquinol (a more bio-available form of CoQ10) at 50 mg/2x day and have noticed some impressive results. To preface this, I take meds for hypothyroidism (synthroid and cytomel), was still constantly tired, and had issues with bloating almost immediately after a meal that didn’t abate until the next morning. Before this, I had tried many things for any/all of these issues with hardly any of them making a noticeable difference. I couldn’t increase my thyroid meds dosage as my blood work results showed I was already at the high end of normal (free T3, T4, TSH) and my doc didn’t feel comfortable going higher.
After a week or so of taking ubiquinol, energy and focus was amazing, workouts were a breeze (recovery time between sets was drastically reduced) and bloating has stopped completely. Also, I lost 20lbs within a months time without changing a thing. I am going to up the dosage to 3x/day soon so I will report back any changes.


That’s awesome. Might just make the switch to ubiquinol

I also had great results with Ubiquinol in the way of energy levels.

Grant I have a few questions for you.

  1. How and why do you take the carnatine and why that dose.
  2. Why the malate form of magnesium
  3. By creatING hcl do you mean regular creatine? And if so why isn’t it the standard 5 mg daily dose?

The carnatine works in a similar way that the coq-10 or ubiquinol does by energizing the mitochondria expect it does this by converting fat into energy for the cell. I believe anywhere from 500-1000mg is standard dosing for this purpose

Magnesium is important for pretty much everything in your body, including your mitochondria. However, I went a step further by getting magnesium malate–which is basically magnesium bound to malic acid. Malic acid works in the kreb cycle by helping you convert your food into energy. So it’s great for people with chronic fatigue.

I bought the creatine hcl because it’s supposed to be a more bioavailable form of creatine that apparently doesn’t require high dosages because its absorbed so well. Who knows whether this is true or not. It seems to be working as far as strength goes in the gym. You could really use any type of creatine though. Maybe creatine malate might be the best option as we’ve already discussed why.

Ok thanks for the info

This post is perfectly timed. I am trying to significantly lower my caffeine intake and try to stop using stronger pre-workouts to get through tough workouts.

Are these vitamins/supplements you are taking a basic formula or is it geared toward your specific needs by a doctor/nutritionist? Do you just take it all once per day in the morning? If you recommend this for energy, I’ll just go off of what you’re taking above.

I know that if you are over 30 it is recommended to take Ubiquinol over CoQ10 because the body drastically lowers in its efficiency in processing CoQ10 into Ubiquinol. It’s not as efficient at it as when you were younger. So taking straight Ubiquinol is allowing the body to skip the processing step of CoQ10 into Ubiquinol.

Also, how is Rhodiola? I haven’t heard of it before. How do you feel on it? I see it on TNation and it looks interesting.

CoQ10 is interesting but I’m not sure there are a ton of human studies on it. It’s also expensive as heck.

Iirc it can act as a significant antioxidant so you may want to take it away from workouts.

No none of the supplements are geared or formulated for my specific needs. Just taking them for their general benefits as far as energy production and mitochondria goes.

I’d also like to mention that I tested positive for stage 1 adrenal fatigue. This is really where the rhodiola helps because it balances out fluctuating coristol levels that comes along with adrenal fatigue. the benefits are very noticeable. Better energy levels and improved workouts. I’m also taking ginseng and holy basil (also adaptogens) for this purpose. Def avoiding all caffeine as well

With your adrenal fatigue did you experience a lot of anxiety, stress, and/or high cortisol levels?

I’m trying CoQ10 tomorrow, Safeway had a BOGO sale. Although I got it for the heart health reasons. Glad it might do more.

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Well apparently I was only at “stage 1”; whatever that’s supposed to mean. I can’t really say for sure. I went about a month or two with very bad stomach and digestive issues that made me almost fear for my life before finding out that it was a candida (yeast) overgrowth. I’m fine now but I went through a lot of anxiety and stress from that and also being in college at the time. So I’m guessing that’s what caused the adrenal fatigue. Not to mention I was also on a ton of pre workout stimulants that I’m sure didn’t help the problem

I highly value mitochondrial supps… I just wish ALA didn’t mess so much with insulin release, that is the only reason why I stopped taking it.i guess that’s why biotest stopped making receptor max.

Alcar, ala, coq10, magnesium, creatine.

I thought ala helped with insulin sensitivity?

Well, it does if you are obese or diabetic. Otherwise, it does promote weight loss at the cost of muscle mass.

There was also a supporting article by Dave Barr on this very website but it looks like it has been removed from the database.

hey just for info, how much ubiquinol do you take daily?

I’m still just taking coq10. Prob should start taking that instead. I take 200mg’s though. Found a super cheap brand that has 60 servings, 200mgs per capsule for around 15-20$