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Low E2 With No AI

Hey guys,

First time posting. I made an account because I’ve just got some puzzling blood work results. I’m currently on a cruise of 210mg of UG test-e per week. My blood work says I’m shut down (FSH and LH below reference) which was expected, and my serum test is 1067 ng/dl, which is above reference here in the UK, but I know in the US it’s within range. I’m aiming for about 800-900ng/dl so will drop my dose accordingly.

The problem is very low E2, here’s the results:

! Serum oestradiol level <20 pmol/L Reference range: 30.00 - 155.00pmol/L

I’m not taking an AI, and haven’t since March when I was on cycle (even then I stopped after 3 weeks because I felt like I was crashing). I’m also about 20-25% BF, so I was expecting E2 to be high if anything.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? I’m seeing the doc later this week but she’s not a specialist, so I’ll need to do some research while I wait for referral to one.