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Low E2 Sore Nipples


hi all
I was on 1500 test 600 eq for 12 weeks.I’m blasting and cruising.This is my 7 th blast.
I was on 1 mg adex ed , but at 11th week my nipples got sore and I started nolva at 20 mg ed.Then I upped the adex dose to 1,5 .Then to avoid gyno I stopped the blast.In the bloodwork e2 is 15.56pg/ml.I’m off for 2 weeks but my nipples still hurt.I’m wondering what is the cause.I have tiny lumps under both nipples from the past years but they are not progressing.Can you give some advice?

1550 total


did you get prolactin checked as well?


No I didn’t.Should I start taking caber?


i guess if you have other symptoms of high prolactin…

you just might be having gyno issues, in general. if you’ve had gyno for a long time then it might be time to be dealt with…


it takes gyno a little time to catch up with the low E. Every time I’ve treated gyno my E always crashes a bit before the lumps start to go away.

I wouldn’t just start blindly throwing loads of medications down your gullet. I’d be very surprised if you had prolactin gyno.


Ok then I should wait?When should I lower my ai dose?


are you still at 1.5 mg/day for the A-dex?

15.56 pg/ml for your E2 is pretty low… you don’t want to stay there for too long.


No I lowered to 1 mg ed .Today I stopped adex since my e2 is very low.


I would taper down Adex not stop completely. You don’t want to have to deal with rebound issues on the backend.


Can you help me with the tapering?How long does it take the test levels to drop to 250 mg a week level?


Well if you went down to 1mg ED try .5mg ED and then .5 EOD and then .5 E3D


When will the soreness go away?My e2 is low so it must go away right?Can I continue blasting with non aromatizing compounds?