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Low E2 Side Effects


I can only identify 'sore joints' with low E.

I have increased my Adex and am wondering how far from the sweet spot I am - would like to recognize zooming past it into "too-low" territory as early as possible.



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I am muy scared to see my lipid profile later this week as I have been low on E2 and T for.......errrr....ummmm....9 months


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What is your opinion on "cracking" and "snapping" joints? Since my little adex experiment (that ended horribly), all of my joints have gone straight to hell. They snap and crack all day. It's even going on in my jaw joints and when i swallow.

20 minutes of elliptical machine and I have sore knees and dual sciatica for days. Needless to say I have not exercised much at all lately.

Is it possible to fix this problem or am I experiencing irreversible cartilage loss?


When my E2 is too low I get weaker, tired (lazy), and I deflate, as in muscle fullness drops pretty significantly.

The joints are immediately noticeable, they just hurt to move them, I dont think they pop, but just moving them around, going up stairs, squatting, raising my arms, etc.

Its not a serious pain but its there.

The sex drive is brutalized as well, I can still get it up, but I just couldn't care, very little arousal from anything.

Then eventually you can not get or maintain an erection for the life of you if your really bottoming out.