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Low E2 - HCG or Alternative?

Hello, I have a question that I hope someone can help me with. I am looking for advice or suggestions on how to safely raise my estrogen levels to a normal level. I over used estrogen blockers like aromasin and arimidex and pushed my e2 levels to 8. Needless to say I havent been feeling all that great with the joint pain and lack of mood / emotion. By the way, I waited 2 months after pct and not having taken any estrogen blockers or anything else of the sort and my levels were still this low from a recent blood test (e2 sensitive).

I have hcg on hand and was wondering if I could somehow take a course of it to help even things out. All other hormones came up nicely on my blood test, including a high testosterone level. Would appreciate any input and happy to include any other relevant information, thanks.