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Low E2 Even Without an AI

Been on TRT 1 year. 75mg test e E3D (175mgpw) used to put me at t level of around 800 and E2 of 30-40.

No AI. Good quality brand of test-e.

Recently my anxiety has been horrendous. I got my levels checked and my E2 was at 17 (along with a slight increase in test level). Some people may do well at this level but for me it causes lots of the usual signs of low E2 including anxiety. Feel like shit basically.

Now I was taking zinc and a few other natural supplements that have been shown to have a natural AI effect (reservatrol/ grape seed extract ) and a few others that I believe also had an effect (very high dose vit C, ashwaganda).

I’ve stopped these now but I still feel like shit. I have 2 options:

  1. Have a larger test dose than usual to get my E2 level back up.

  2. Wait for my E2 level to rise naturally.

If I go for the 2nd option how long does it normally take to rise?

I guess this post is also a warning of how well some of the natural supp’s work for lowering E2. It’s a ball-ache as I take zinc and high dose vitamin C for my immune system and now have to give them up.

Went into TRT worrying about keeping E2 down…I’m now in the unusual situation of having it too low at 175mg per week!

I’m in the same boat but at a lower T dosage and will be very interested in the responses.

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Adding HCG is a good way to increase e2 quickly, I’ve found.

I started taking grape seed extract for my HCT, didn’t know it also lowers e2?

How many mg of zinc a day and for how long?

HCT as in hematocrit? It’s grapefruit seed rather than grape seed extract (or Naringin is even better) that you want to lower that.

Not really keen on adding HCG at this point but thanks for the suggestion.

I may need to consider changing to 90mg twice per week. That way my total weekly dosage will only increase by 5mg but I should see an increase in E2.

The thing with that route is prior to my E2 getting low I was looking to decrease rather than increase my dose as I find I’m a little too ‘stimulated’ at this dose as it is…

50mg per day for a month or so. I know you normally need more than this for it to be an effective AI.

But the fact it was taken in conjunction with other supplements that could potentially lower E2, added to the fact that I’m a hyper responder to proper AI’s when i’ve taken them (I only need to microdose and even that crashes my E2) and I guess I’m just sensitive to anything that lowers E2…

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Yes that is what I meant. I’ll see if I can find Naringin as well.

The upper limit being 40mg, 50mg ED should be strong enough to lower E2, anyway maybe flax seed could help you, it’s VERY high in phytoestrogen but still a clean source vitamins, minerals, fibers, different than beer, maybe do a quick research about it then try it

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I’ll research it and give it a go.

That is very interesting that your E2 went down like that. I understand not wanting to stop taking zinc because it is so important for so many other reasons. That being said, I wouldn’t take any more than 30mg per day and zinc picolinate is the best and most absorbable form. If you would like to increase your E2 it is an easy fix, take DHEA supplements. For women, DHEA will increase testosterone but in men it will increase E2. However, usually only in higher doses. 50mg daily might do it but 100mg daily will definitely convert some T into E2.

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Thank you- that’s a great help!

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Increasing the test dose will in all probability vastly increase FT and DHT while only increasing E2 a couple points as you aromatise poorly. The end result may be an increased FT:E2 ratio, and you will end up feeling far worse.

HCG or Estradiol 1mg\day tablets are options.