Low E2, estrogen receptor activation

I’m using trenbolone acetate 50mg/day, estradiol valerate intramuscular 12-16mg/day and t3 25mcg a day. Also without using testosterone, my SHBG rised from being 4-6 for 2 years to 14 (reference 10-50)

I tried injecting testosterone 10mg prop, then low e2 + high dht kinda feeling came and became merciless devil. All low e2 symptoms got worse too. That’s why I dont inject any testosterone.

Right now I can deadlift my lower back doesnt let me for 1 year bcuz of test+tren+aromasin+proviron some kinds of shits, low test high tren, high test low tren.

I don’t know If I crashed with aromasin few times and that alleviated my problems.

But now, I want to know what could be done to improve e2 receptor activation.

I tried progesterone oral micronized with this protocol, felt better too.

Also I took ulipristal acetate 15mg today, nothing major happened, still my knees aches.

You can check this post, he mentioned the anti-estrogenic effects of 19-nor’s:


Everything but actual blood work. Have you checked to see what’s actually going on with your hormones?

My body doesn’t respond to e2.