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Low E2 Anastrazole Question


First half of last year I worked on getting T and E all in proper ranges with a cooperate doc and using this site.

Prescription before April was Test 100mg (50 2 times / week), hcg 250mg EOD, Anastrazole .5mg caps 2 times/week. and labs after that were
Test 1635
E2 57

Doc changed current prescription April-July to Test 80mg (40 2 times / week), hcg 200mg EOD, Anastrazole .5mg caps EOD, same time as hcg. Labs after in July were
Test 666 250-1100
E2 24 13-54

I didn't think that was too bad. Felt good, workouts making progress, some belly fat leaving, sex much better.

Just got January labs back and they are now
Test 790
E2 <7

I thought something might be amiss as morning wood was intermitent, but I thought that might have been just stress/busy over the holidays.

I searched and only found a couple of things about clearing out Anastrazole. Some were 1/2 life of 48 hours another said 6 days then restart at lower dosage.

My question is how long will it take for E2 to rise? When should I and how much Anastrazole should I adjust to? Any other things I need to look at? Appointment with doc on Thursday.

Thanks for all you guys do.


I am concerned that E2 readings are partly a result of lab timing and anastrozole not been taken often enough. What was timing of labs relative to doses of T, hCG and AI?

E2<7 means that the level is below the accuracy threshold of the the lab equipment OR IT IS A LAB FAILURE. We have seen clusters of that, mostly from LabCorp. I would not assume that E2<7 is real. Do another lab to confirm. Be aware of lab timing too.

Do you know the symptoms of E2 that low? Do you have any of those?


Labs have always been done on the day after hcg/anastrozole and 2-3 days after T shot. April 2 days, July and January 3 days. The labs were done by Quest. When is the best time to get them done?

Anastrazole EOD is not often enough??

Symptoms are mostly mild, mood some depression - does not last similar to July, but mood swings were much greater in July when e2 was 57, libido down from August/September, erections and orgasm not as good as August/September, a couple of times reminded me of before TRT. some lethargy, no brain fog or stiff achy joints.

Like I said in the begining, I thought most of it was due to holidays until the E2 result was >7.
I will ask doc to order another one.

I had D3 tested, 62 30-100 so that is ok
magnesium 2.2 1.5-2.5

Lipids changed also over a year
Cholestrol 224 up from 182 which has easily been under 200 over the years
HDL 63 down a little from 79
LDL 152 up from 95, always around 100 before
triglycerides 43 steady from last year

I had cut out all sugary drinks and most processed foods before last years lipid profile. Most of 2010 I elimanted grains (Paleo diet). I read some stuff that high protein diets raise total and LDL cholestrol. I am not too concerned, but as you can imagine, regular doc is and wants to retest those in 6 months.


You stated anastrozole twice a week. "AnastrOzole .5mg caps 2 times/week"

Lab timing looks OK.

I think that getting E2 managed should be a priority as it very often is the controlling factor for well-being. To retest, you will need to be a given anastrozole dose for a while first.


The first protocol was 2 times per week till April. After that EOD. I have been EOD since April.

I will get E2 retested and update this.

Any comments on lipids?

Thanks for your help.


Cholesterol seems go up with T decline. TRT often reverses some of the increased cholesterol.


Would low E2, if the lab result is correct, cause cholestrol to be high? I thought I saw that somewhere.

Question about Anastrazole. Was thinking about asking doc to prescibe liquid Amirdex to adjust easier. Is that possible to get a script for? If so, what would the the equivalent .5mg of Anastrazole EOD to drops?



Yes, extreme low E2 will cause cholesterol to rise, ED, aching joints, mental problems, zero libido.

You might get a compounding pharmacy to make a liquid product. Does not exist as an on the shelf pharmaceutical.

You need to count the drops/ml for your particular liquid AND dropper.


If low E2 causes cholesterol to rise, I would think its due to body responding to try to increase E2 back to where it wants it via cholesterol-->pregnenolone-->DHEA-->Testosterone-->E2...

I got my arimidex at a compounding pharmacy in pill form...they were able to break it down into .05 mg tabs (not a typo) which gives you about all the leeway you could possibly need to dose...


Update. Saw doc and she changed Anastrazole to 2 times/week .5mg. I take that same day as t-shot of 40mg 2times/week. I quit anastrazole for 5 days and resumed .5mg, 2 times/week. Lab timing the same, had labs taken 6 weeks later from Labcorp.

Test 1328 (193-740nd/gl) HIGH
Free T 34.2 (7.6-42.6 pg/ml)
E2 27.9 (7.6-42.6 pg/ml) BETTER

Chol 172 (100-199 mg/dl) BETTER
HDL 53 (>39 mg/dl) SAME
LDL 110 (0-99 mg/dl) BETTER
Trig 45 (0-149 mg/dl) SAME

So E2 and lipids are better.

Why - how does T go from 790 in January to 1328 when the only change is reduced anastazole?

Labs 6 weeks later for doc from Quest
Test 1122 (250-1100 ng/dl) HIGH, much higher than January (790)
Free T 313 (35-155 pg/dl) HIGHer than January (148.5)

Since this is the same lab, same timing, same ranges as 1st post, I ask again, how can it change?

Thanks for all your help.