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Low E2 All Parts of Cycle (Pellets)


Pretty much what she said lol!


Do you experience symptoms? Or is this just a comment based on the “number”?

And that was one of my justifications for pellets as well.


Sorry for the delay, got really busy.

Yes, I get symptoms from minor (aggressive attitude, oily skin, and chest acne) to more sever being blood related.
Even with a blood donation as often as Red Cross will take it my hematocrit is 47 to 53 (depending on part of cycle). Blood pressure was 110/70 for years and now averages 130/80 which isn’t good at all.

New doctor immediately put me on HCG and was quite concerned with the hematocrit levels and elevated BP so wants me to do blood donations more often to get hematocrit and blood pressure back to normal levels.
I’ll also mention that the new Dr. asked if my pellets have AI’s build in. I didn’t even know that was an option. The little containers they come in didn’t say anything about it.


I have been writing about that as well, since my hct are rising.

However, @highpull posted an interesting video here on the reasons why we should not worry as much about hct levels:


Interesting, thanks for sharing! That’s exactly what my first doctor said. However, seeing my blood pressure creep up at the same time has been concerning which the second dr. is also concerned with, especially given my fitness level and diet.