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Low E with TRT, Zero Estrogen

I am a 70 year old man on TRT for over 10 years. My regular dosage is 200 mg test cyp once per week. My total test is usually around 700 to 800.
My primary care physician is not really a hormone replacement specialist but over the years we have worked out a pretty good protocol.
I take a round of HCG usually twice per year.
I have taken arimidex ocasionally when I have felt symptoms.
My problem now is that my estradiol levels are almost ZERO.
My doctor is somewhat concerned. I am suffering no symptoms but it makes me uneasy.
Can someone enlighten me, please?

Could you post all labs?

A possible option is E2 supplementation.

The AI is the only thing that could explain low E2. I’ve heard of a few who have taken anastrozole and have struggled with chronically low estrogen for a long time.

I suggest you never tough the stuff again. How much anastrozole are we talking about?


Looks to me this AI was in miligrams per week :smiley:

I haven’t taken anastrozole (arimidex) in over a year. My doctor is conferring with some compounding pharmacists and others. They are speculating it has done something permanent. My E has been almost zero for almost 2 years.
My dosage when I did take it was 1 mg. Was that the problem?

1mg is a very high dose, but for most people it does not cause permanent damage. What else have you taken?

My TRT protocol is 1cc of 200 mg Test Cyp weekly. I only used anastrozole occasionally when I felt
my nipples get tender.
I have only taken Anastrazole as an AI. I have taken cycle of tes and winstrol. Sometimes sustanon.

I also do a cycle of HCG once or twice a year to pump my balls up.

You are right. It was 1 mg tabs

My doctor is now suggesting that I stop Testosterone altogether for a while and see if that brings my E levels back up. I can’t stand the thought of going without tes. I feel like a zombie when my T levels get low.
Is this a viable solution?
Is E supplementation a possibility. What would be a likely dose. I don’t trust my doctor to get it right.
I am not feeling any effects, although my libido is pretty low. But I have been blaming that on my age.
Suggestions are welcome.

My doctor is now suggesting that I stop Testosterone altogether for a while and see if that brings my E levels back up

This is veeery stupid idea, so stupid that I cannot express it in words

That doesn’t make sense to me. E2 is converted from testosterone, so how is eliminating testosterone supposed to work?


I don’t know. She is just bumbling. I am not stopping my tes.

Am I going to be OK with low E?
I mean am I more susceptible to disease, like heart trouble? My last bone density test was great. My life time of exercise is keeping me in good health in my old age.
What does E do for a man?

This is a terrible idea, you can’t make estrogen without testosterone, so by stopping TRT you guarantee no more estrogen. You need to dump this doctor because he is taking in a the wrong direction.

It’s time to move on because you’re starting to have problems and you need to right answers because if you screw this up, it could have dire consequences. If I knew where you are located, I might be able to recommend a doctor.

Your estrogen puts minerals into bone, keeps your joints healthy and is needed for libido and erectile strength.

I realize my doctor is ill informed. I have put up with her because she lets me self inject and allows me to use HCG.
I have looked for other doctors but I am in a very rural area and there is just not that much available.
I am an hours drive from Nashville Tennessee.

Defy Medical is an option who does telemedicine, at least you have access to knowledgeable doctor who will know what to do.

My recent bone density test was excellent. I have lost less than an inch of height since my teens which is good for 72 yo.
My libido has declined quite a bit in the last year or so, but my wife is have some major feminine problems, so I just assumed it was lack of opportunity.

I need a doctor who is sympathetic to me doing AAS cycle twice a year.

Try Defy IMO.

Yeah, any doc that thinks lowering T is going to increase E2 is… ignorant, to say the least