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Low E on Test/Equipose

Hmm idk I’m 6’8 I feel like my joints always ache lol.

But I will say I have 0 energy

no there’s a difference in dry joints from crashed e2.
Started my cycle two days back with 250test cyp,rocked my libido for 2 days, shot eq 250/eq today almost 15 hours ago and my libido is killed =/ i surely think its lowering my estrogen or maybe anxiety related stuff, ill add 100mg masteron tomorrow and see how does it work to free up the Test levels.

We are all different but it took quite a while for my libido to go up on testosterone (or to feeling anything different for that matter). I doubt EQ would effect you that fast. I say that because reading threads like this you can get in your head that something negative is going to happen and you “will it into existence”. Not saying you’re doing that but since I’ve done that very thing myself I figured I’d point it out. Especially at that dosage I don’t think you’re going to have any issues besides too many ladies calling you at once to rub their vagenes on your abs.

Agreed, I always feel the kick from whatever the compound i inject in few hours, like i had acne flaring up before my EQ shot today, it’s all clear now, skin is shining.So it affects me too quickly. But i have always lost my libido on Test + EQ cycle ( 1 : 1 ) ratio, this time i am trying 500test with 250 eq and 100mast. Mast And proviron gives me bad acne. so wanted stable T to E2 ratio too.

I would interested to see how that cycle ends up. If you are able to you should post a cycle log. When I get ready to do something that cycle is close to what I would want to do.

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Yeah I’ll keep everyone updated. A few more things. I have been blasting in cruising for a year now.
I did bloodwork before I started steroids.
Bloodwork- Test was 450, E2 was 16

Started with a blast of 500mg of test for 14 weeks.
7 weeks in Test was 2273.3, E2 was 63.7

Cruiser for 6 months at 150mg of test
Bloodwork-Test was 800, E2 was 25

Now started a blast.
Preload eq
Week1 1200mg EQ 300mg test (Split Tue/Fri)
Week2 1200mg EQ 300mg test (Split Tue/Fri)
Week3 700mg EQ 300mg test (Split Tue/Fri)
Week4 600mg EQ 300mg test (Split Tue/Fri)
*Took blood work
Week5 300mg EQ 150mg test (ONLY TUE)
(Had to skip a shot. Went to Disney with the family)
Week6 begins tomorrow. Planned on continuing 600mg EQ 300mg test. But I read the latest blood work today and started this post. Finding bloodwork to show 1400 test and 0 E2. Along with feeling very tired and exhausted the past week and a half for no reason.
Week4-week20 planned on being 600mg EQ, 300mg Test


Looks like the frontload of EQ is the culprit. That shit builds up slowly then hits you like a ton of bricks when it actually starts to kick in. I didn’t get low E2 symptoms, but I did get anxiety from EQ when I frontloaded. Love EQ, I just won’t frontload it again.

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  1. Don’t front load EQ
  2. Keep test to EQ at 2:3 ratio at a minimum and you won’t have low E2 issues. I feel safer running 1:1 to be honest.
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I believe It was the front load that did it. I’m going to keep the EQ at 600 and bump the test to 500. I’ll get bloods done in 2 weeks and see how my E looks. Thank you guys for all the input I really appreciate it. I’ll post my new bloodwork when I get it back. Crushed E2 is no joke. I’ve been dosing a bit of Kratom to help with the lethargic feeling. It seem to help a TON. I’ll stop and go back to using it once or twice a month as soon as my E is back to a normal level.

You know kratom functions as both an opiate and stimulant right… acts upon mu, kappa and delta opiate receptors… acts upon neurotransmission (dopamine, D2 subtype if I recall correctly), effects both serotonin and norepinephrine reuputake etc… It’s quite addictive (or so I’ve heard)… I’ve tried it a few times (AmStErDaM), feels fairly identical to the feeling one gets from painkillers at higher dosages… tread very carefully… just because it’s OTC doesn’t equate to safe, heroin was OTC in the early late 1800s/early 1900s, was marketed as a non addictive cough suppressant.

Appreciate you looking out. Yes I’m aware of the ups and downs to all my drug use. Steriods, Kratom, caffeine, etc. but the crushed E2 literally make it hard for me to function at work. When my levels are back I won’t use it. In the past I’ve only used it once or twice a month in social situations to replace drinking alcohol. Which I no longer do and haven’t done in a long time. Not because of substance issue but because its counter productive to my fitness goals. But I have to do what I have to do maintain a high level of energy meeting clients and giving presentations at work. I’m taking 2 grams a day on work days for a couple weeks. I think I’ll be alright. Thanks you tho.

Well… not really… if you were using 2g Kratom 1-2x monthly you’re fine… if you can keep it at 2x monthly… if you’re using every day… that’s seriously pushing it, granted 2 g is a low dose, I think I took 6g the few times I tried it… so full retard doses

It should be noted some are more prone to addiction than others… but opiates are some of the most risky substances one can mess around with

Granted some are more prone to dependence/addiction than others. At one point I was on opiate pain meds round the clock for about three months… I quit cold turkey with ZERO withdrawl symptoms… granted it was tapentadol, which is considerably less addictive than other painkillers in the same class (moreso than say tramadol, probably on the level of hydrocodone… so less than oxycodone)

The vast majority I don’t think would be able to suddenly quit the equivalent of taking like 20-30mg oxycodone daily after three months of daily use

Interesting for anyone not on TRT but with chronic pain, tapentadol is the ONLY opiate within literature shown to have no significant influence on testosterone production (I think a very high dose induced like a 50ng/dl reduction in plasma T vs like a 500ng/dl reduction from morphine

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Update- I have up my test to 500mg a week and my eq is at 600mg a week. I’m feeling much better. I look more full as well. I will do blood work next week to see where I’m at. Also I stopped the Kratom use. It helped me get through the crushed E. Now I’m back feeling like I’m on cycle.


Wow had no clue EQ had this effect. You learn something new every day I guess. Maybe this is why some guys seem to not like EQ

I love EQ, you just need to run it at a 1:1 ratio with test and you’ll be fine. I love the AI effect, you can run test without the need to take an estrogen blocker.

I would take it as a huge + for eq about the keeping e2 stable while taking testosterone…lean nice mass no water retention,increased vascularity,apetite,stamina
Love it. Was taking 800 eq and 625 test. E2 was on perfect range.