Low E on Test/Equipose

I am taking 300mg of test and 600mg of equipoise.
Blood work shows
My test levels are 1400
My estrogen is under 5… normal range is 7.6-42.6

What could be going on? Why is estrogen so low? Not taking any AI or estrogen suppression…

EQ is a massively powerful AI. Up your test.

Can you link something on this? I have heard it is ~50% as estrogenic as test. I actually want to believe what you say. I just am not convinced yet. Or not convinced that everybody gets an AI effect from EQ, and some get a raise in estrogen.

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Go check out the piles of blood work on Reddit. Guys get crashed e2 (like the OP) using EQ. I can’t find the study, but an EQ metabolite is some variant of arimistane. It does seem to be user specific, but the majority responds the way OP did.

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This ^^^^

The extent to which is lowers estrogen is used specific, but quite a common occurrence.

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What if I lower the EQ to 400. Instead of upping test. The reason I did lower test in the first place is do to acne I get with higher test. I will say I front loaded 1200mg of eq the first 2 weeks and did 800mg of eq the third week. I’m now on week 5. What would you do if you were in my position?

I have read this…

I think something similar or exactly the same as EPO is a metabolite as well.

The issue I have with this is that perhaps the person would not have posted the results if it was business as usual. They may be the outliers. Since their results are unique they posted.

I guess to really find out I will have to try.

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I don’t have bloods to confirm but i think eq destroyed my e2 aswell. I only felt slightly better upping my test.

Alternatively you can easily just add some Dbol.



Did you keep the eq in? And if so what dose?

I did. I dropped it from 1g to 800mg to 600mg. Cant say it did much for me at any dose.


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Runned 625 test c and 800mg eq, no ai… and e2 was below middle range… thats why eq is so good

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Keep in mind that dropping EQ from 600 to 400 won’t solve your problem for at least a month, if it solves it at all. That ester is looooong as Hell and takes a while to unwind. By the time you get it dialed in your cycle is over. Either up the test or as was suggested add a low dose of dbol.

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I’ll up the test to 500-600mg

Last time I did 500mg with no AI my E2 was 60. I added AI on that cycle and got my estrogen to 20. But I have not done AI on this cycle and crashed my E2. Hopefully using 500mg-600mg will fix my estrogen and maybe the eq wil help my E2 not get in the 60s again.

My E2 is higher than that on TRT. 20 points higher

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I was under the impression 60 is high

Should I stop the eq?

It’s high for someone not taking testosterone. When you raise testosterone your body is going to produce more estrogen (like it’s supposed to do).

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If it were me I would try and make it work. If you can get EQ you can likely get Dbol and experiment with low doses to see if that fixes your issues. Obviously if your current situation is unbearable and is interfering with your everyday priorities then stopping sounds logical.

if Eq is crashing the Estrogen levels, wouldn’t the joints be aching ? or is it Eq’s collagen synthesis behavior that favors in joints even with E2 crashed?