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Low Dumbbell Weight Cap


The dumbbells at both gyms in town cap out at 75. What can I do to still be able to utilize the dumbbell bench press? It's really the only exercise that I haven't been able to work around this low dumbbell weight cap.


Find a new gym is my suggestion.




^^^ those won't let you add much.


I need to get this so I can go heavier on DB rows. My gym only goes up to the 130's.


not that its a permanent solution but for now maybe do mechanical drop sets. hit incline, low incline, flat with 75s like a drop set but instead of dropping weights you change the mechanical advantage.

oh, find a new gym.



My gym's DBs only go to 100, so I bring a pair of these when I do heavier DB work. Shortens the ROM a bit, but still get the work done.


How much do those hold?


I might do the mechanical drop set that Actionboy recommended. But once I max out on those I'll probably just switch to floor presses or some heavy flyes.



Same goods, a lot less price.

29 dollars as opposed to 57.


How much do those hold? ^^^


I can get up to 200 pounds in these. Depends on the type and size of the plates your gym has.

I read elsewhere about a similar DB handle that holds over 300 pounds, the same one Matt Kroc uses for Kroc Rows although his are customized for smaller plates. I'll try to find a link.


75lbs FFS!?


I asked Matt Kroc where he got that DB handle and he said the same thing, customized, so he didn't have an answer to where I can get one. If you get a link somewhere that'd be awesome.


Stop working out at planet fitness :smiley:


I made a handle for Kroc Rows. I had some DB handles that didn't fit the 2" olympic plates and I did some welding and came up with a handle that probably holds around 240lbs in ten pound plates. It's a bit too awkward to use for anything else though.

Prowriststraps sells a $300 handle that holds like 500 pounds or some shit.

Yeah my gym blows. I have everything I need; smith press, barbell, power rack, some good machines, some hot moms. The DB's just fuckin suck though.


They aren't too long and awkward are they? If they hold the plates with the 2" hole, I might find myself buying these.


You can try holding onto a mini-band with it wrapped behind your back, but it might be a bit of a pain in the ass.


I'm going to go out on a limb here OP and say that you dont need a handle that can hold 500lbs or even 200lbs.


buy straps and tie the smaller db to the bigger one

say 75+10....simple


Haha what? I don't remember saying that I did.