Low Dose Winstrol Pre-Workout

Hey guys,

I’m actually on trt dose of test e and have some winstrol tabs around.
What are your thoughts on using winny at 10-20 mg only preworkout. I’ve never used it before. I’m looking for some performance enhancement and maybe some lean muscle gain.
In general I would like to hear some opinions non this topic. Couldn’t find anything in the forum.

184 cm
91 kg
12 % bodyfat
10% caloric deficit

From what I have read from those who know a lot more about these things than I do, winny is not for beginners (I’m assuming you’re a beginner since you provided no cycle history). It’s harsh on the joints and blood lipids. If you are wanting to supplement your TRT, there are much better options.

Winstrol has a half life of 8 hours so while not as short as Dbol dosing is best 2x a day min and not just pre workout. I’m not a fan of the drug and as @spiceweasel said there are better options IMO.

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Maybe not for first cycle given you should be seeing how your body responds to the base steroid (testosterone). Since he is not switching off of his TRT protocol, I don’t think there is an issue trying it out.

Winstrol is awesome. The transformation you can get from it is amazing. It’s a lot more powerful than anavar, but also a lot more hepatoxic. Your joints will feel worn down while taking it and cramps can be pretty bad, especially in your feet. You can take some taurine with it to combat that.

Fair enough. I was hoping some forum members with actual experience with winny would add their thoughts. The whole joint issue thing sounds awful, but if reward subjectively outweighs risks, then it seems effective for what it’s designed to do.

Yeah, the joint stuff sucks. But you should only be running it for 4-6 weeks anyway. It’s pretty damn incredible at what it does, drying you out while also boosting strength. It’s a favorite for contest prep for a reason.

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i agree with @galgenstrick on stanazolol being great - i was taking 60mg a day for 3 months, i was pumped even when i woke up. Strenght was good and also i looked leaner with the same weight.

Even tho all my joints are bad from years of fighting, Stanazolol didnt make it any worse. Didnt get the join side effect at all.

Did you take c-17aa compounds + statins at the same time?

Asking because you’ve specified you had a heart attack ten years ago and have extensive coronary artery disease. Statins and orals don’t mix, the combination tends to induce hepatic complications

You are aware you’re playing with fire given concurrent permablasting + pre-existing heart disease… right? Seriously, there’s a good chance your days are numbered. If you are aware of this, then all the more power to you.


Thanks to all for the answers.
However I didn’t get the info I was looking for.
I already did two test e cycles around 600 a week the second one was with proviron. I gained a good amount of solid muscle with merely no water retention, I suppose genetics.
I don’t want to go on a full winny cycle because of its liver toxicity. I was looking to get some boost for my workouts from it that’s all. Btw I’ll start an anavar cycle at may for 4 weeks and only 30 mg daily. This will be my first experience with orals. However I’m very tempted to try 10-20 mg of winny only preworkout…
@unreal24278 no no problems at all with the heart o think you confuse me with some other guy!

Sir, was a reply to hankthetank. Wasn’t directed at you

Yes, i did and do for 10 years. Also i am under constant doctor supervision. I just tell them i have good genetics and i work phycial labour, thats why i am big. I have bloods every 3 months outside the ones i do for my steroid lifestyle, and i get all the heart tests and monitors once a year.
I was supposed to die 9 years ago, yes. I chose to live the way i want, instead of constant fear from dying.
My heart tests are much better than they have ever been and for now, there seems to be no risks or any risk markers showing up. My case was a bit rare, so it is reviewed in international cardiologist conventions(which i was asked, if im ok with) etc. For now, no doctor has seen any of the horrors you describe you read on the internet somewhere. Trust me, i do not want to die as much as any person, so its not like i am on a suicide mission without any supervision. My bloodwork on tren has been better than sometimes without(by a 1% but still funny) and i dont mean regular bloods, but all the shit cardiologists and invasive radiologists put me through.

Damn dude, you have my respect.

I can understand this mentality, though individualistic mentalities and circumstances will dictate how one wishes to live their life.

I’m not quite here yet, though given the sheer amount of discomfort I live in on a daily basis I’ve become significantly more “blasé” as the years have gone by in relation to my health/longevity. Unlike you however I don’t have good genetics, and taking risks equates to beating an already unhealthy body into the ground for the benefit of an intermediate (highly) positive effect on physical functioning and overall vigor.

So long as I’m able to stay active and independent, I’m happy. Though as I get older more and more variables line up of which try to rob me of my ability to achieve the variables listed above.

After 30, i also started thinking more about health.
I would never recomend anyone i did from 20-30, im just sharing my experience, but im not saying it is smart or necessary. For example, i gained 40lbs and tons of strenght during last year, on 1/3 of the amount i used before. Of course, my dosages STILL are on the high side, but then again i am 6’2, 260lbs, going for 280lbs and i am a professional athlete of some sort because i am getting paid to be bigger and better than people who pay me for my advice. I also train air forces in my country, so i sometimes joke that people of my country NEED me to be un steroids :smiley:

But yes, every year i start to think more and more about lowering doses and if i get lucky and i have a good life for 7-8 years more, i think i will be ready to go to TRT and join every health movement possible :smiley:

There is no need to risk or to suffer if you get bad sides etc. All im saying is that sometimes things are not as written. For example, Proviron treats ED, but it causes my dick to go limp mid-process. EQ causes blood thickening, but 700mg of EQ for me has not changed my blood pannel a bit. Some people write that tren fucks with cardio and some people say they cant even get up stairs without heavy breathing, but i had years of professional fighting at 220lbs on 800mgs of tren, i did HIT, i did fights, i trained fighters, i ran a half marathon under 2 hours, etc. My BEST cardio shape of my life was on 800mgs of tren.
That is why i am more about sharing my experience, but not recommending it anyways.

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If you don’t mind me asking, what led to the heart attack in the first place; if not the gear.

90% stenosis of left corronary arthery but it wasnt cholesterol, it was some tissue that is never even supposed to be there(dont know the name, english is my third language, and i have no clue about medical terms in english). The thing is, that my arthery was stuffed with something that is never even related with heart or artheries. And all the other artheries were totally clean. So they sticked to atherosclerosis medication just in case, but the real cause is not solved(thats why they wanted my stuff on conventions etc). After that, they tried to fix it with that thingy they put into artheries when people have regular atherosclerosis, but since the stenosis was already too much, my heart stopped and i died for a bit :smiley:
I think we left it at “genetic defect” theory with 2 possible outcomes - 1)it can happen any time again… 2)it takes years to build up… so thats why i am monitored all the time.

when that happened i tought it was gear, because - you know all the horror stories on the internet… but i did basic test/deca, test/dbol cycles then with normal doses… after that i did 3 times the doses for 12 years straight and NOTHING, so i think that it was not gear in the first place…

or maybe it was gear or my shitty genetics, but now, due to all the medication and tests and because i am very careful about my heart and cardio, maybe it all is the reason why i feel good on no matter what… it is very hard to guess, because there are too many variables… ofc, i did tons of stupid shit that just was not needed for my goals, but hey - i did it, and now i have my experience… at least i built a career and life out of it also, so its not like i use shitload of drugs while living in my moms basement, hoping to be a bodybuilder…