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Low Dose Winstrol and Test

I currently run 500mg test a week but got my hands on 30x10mg winstrol tablets. What would the best way to take these? 10mg a day for a month 20mg for two weeks? Any advice is appreciated. I train for strength. I was thinking of taking just 10mg a day an hour before working out/5 days a week. Will i notice 10mg of winny on top of my test? I assume ill at least get a substantial free test boost even from a low dose due to the SHBG drop the winstrol will cause.

If you’re like 5-8% bf you’ll notice a difference… Perhaps you’ll gain an extra pound of lbm… Miniscule… Regardless at any dose above 5mg/day (statistically for most) you’ll have some decent cholesterol gainzz

The largest decrease within HDL from stanozolol pertains to the HDL2 subfraction (a mere 6mg/day decreases concentrations of this subfraction by about 70-80%!). Stanozolol, oxandrolone etc increase hepatic lipase activity. The mechanism is fairly complex as to why but Hepatic lipase regulates LDL/HDL… Also c17AA, impaired excretion of bile will lead to lipid profile alterations… Non aromatising androgens exert a more pronounced negative effect on cholesterol… All in all, stanozolol is like the perfect compound in terms of how one could totally wreck their cholesterol (acutely).

In the grand scheme of things, brief alterations in ones lipid profile doesn’t matter. Though repeated bouts of dyslipidemia will have long term significance

I hated winstrol. I had planned to take it for 6 weeks at 25mg/day. I had great morning workouts, but just wanted to sleep for the rest of the day. It also made me ragey; I would snap at anything. I had to stop after 2 weeks. Definitely wouldn’t recommend it to anyone and likely won’t take any more unless I were getting ready for a show.

100% agreed. Some drugs are designed for long-term use and some aren’t. Winny is in the latter group. It’s only use is precontest.

Haven’t used nor will I use winny. If you train for strength, be careful as it will make you stronger, but also will likely make your joints feel terrible. Kinda a big deal if strength training.

I took 50mg/day for 6 weeks and didn’t notice much besides a little fat loss and a lot of water loss (at the expense of feeling totally dehydrated all day). Strength went way up but visually not any major changes. Wasn’t worth how bad it made me feel while on. It would probably cancel out the wellbeing boost you get from the Test.