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Low Dose Winny Without Drying Joints Out?

Hi all,

So I want to go on about a 10 week cut. Strip as much fat as possible- and also happy to waste some muscle from my upper body.

This is purely about getting faster on a bike.

I was hoping to do a 1200 kcal per day diet.

I’m currently on a 140mg p/w TRT protocal.

Was thinking

12 weeks doing the Test at 250mg/w
12 weeks of low dose Winston

No PCT as just drop back to 140mg TRT dosage.

On 10 hours cardio (cycling) per week im conscious I’d like my knees still intact-

What amount of Winstol would help with fat loss but not dry my joints to the point of getting injured?

Anything else I should add in?

Use anavar instead. It’s worth the cost. Unlike Winstrol it’s actually good for joints, and it’s been shown to help (a little bit) with lipolysis.

Winstrol is a good hardening agent (and as a second order muscle builder, sort of) but it’s not great for fat loss. Frankly no steroid really is. But anavar is the better choice of the two.


Thats helpful thanks.

I’ll see if I can source some.

Whats an ideal light amount to use alongside the 250-300mg test?

20mg a day?

Run it for 10 weeks too?

I’ve had success with 25mg daily, but just for 6 weeks. I’ve also been curious about running a smaller amount (10mg) for longer

Is that because of your liver?

Never taken any orals before- cant be any worse than alcohol though?

Anavar has minimal impact on the liver. Stay hydrated, don’t do anything stupid and you’ll be fine. Lipids take a hit, but that’s absolutely meaningless over the course of a lifetime.

I wouldn’t go any lower than 40/d because if you’re going to do it then make it worthwhile.

No because of my already sub-par lipids. I’ve never gotten labs while on Oxandrolone, and always bounce back after I stop tho.

Edit: by sub-par I mean HDL 39 and LDL 101. Once my insurance kicks in Jan 1 I’m going to see if I should be taking anything to improve the numbers

Fish oil would likely help a bit now.

This doesn’t mean much given repeated abuse of alcohol can cause hepatic failure, fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, hepatitis etc.

The sheer toxicity of ethyl alcohol when chronically abused is off the charts.

Being pragmatic here, but I would argue that any PED capable of producing the most muscle growth would be the best for “fat loss”. Reason being, muscle is really the only metabolically active tissue in the body that’s dynamic and you have control over. The more muscular you are, the more you burn at rest, and the easier and more practical it is to achieve/sustain leanness. It’s hilarious because at the end of the bell curve you have these mass monster bodybuilders who still eat 1000 grams of carbs in the first half of their contest prep and are relieved more than anything that they finally get to eat less.

Cosmetic effects garnered from the more potent anabolics (i.e testosterone, nandrolone) can acutely offset this from a visual standpoint.

I recall looking bloated and thick on 225-250mg testosterone per week. When dropping the dose I’d look considerably more aesthetic as I’d dropped bf% and gained a few lbs of lean tissue. Whilst on however I’d be bloated/puffy and thus it was difficult to perceive visible fat loss in the mirror

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Definitely true, which is why I vehemently believe drugs like stanozolol, Masteron, primo, tbol etc are better for most people’s goals. They aren’t any worse at building muscle, but don’t skew your perception of your body composition. Drugs like dbol, Anadrol, nandralone etc are invaluable while dieting or in contest prep to keep fullness, but do you really need all that on a bulk when you should already be slamming carbs? Just my two cents