Low Dose where Day-to-Day Caffeine Tolerance does Not Develop?

Anyone know of any studies showing a dose (presumably pretty low) where caffeine tolerance does not develop?
Much appreciated.

I read some stuff recently on Berardi’s website but I didn’t store the link. A quick recce found the following video but I’m sure if you search his site you’ll find the one I’m talking about. It was by Dr Bryan Walsh and on there within the last month. If you’re not a member it’s free to join.


Thanks for the post to that video. Interesting that he doesn’t indicate well-studied and well-shown caffeine side effect that we aren’t so thrilled with: it spikes cortisol. He also doesn’t mention the somewhat recent study showing that the cortisol spike may ruin the T spike you get during lifting. I’m thinking something that will be (may already be being) studied is the ability to “speedball” caffeine with Theanine to get the caffeine benefits without the downsides. That could be what Berardi is hinting at when he mentions in the beginning of the clip that we should all be drinking tea instead of coffee, although there’s no tea that would give you enough Theanine to get the right ratio, at least from what I’m guessing based on the limited research (and besides, Berardi is probably talking about catechins when he says he wants us drinking tea). Anyways, much appreciated, thanks again. (By the way, I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m bashing Berardi, the dude knows his stuff and I follow practically everything he says.)