Low Dose TRT Without HPTA Shutdown - Is It Possible?

Hello all,

Is it possible to take T in week 1, temporarily shutting down your hpta, and in week 2-3 reviving your hpta ?

I’ve read a lot about this question, but nobody seems to be able to answer it thoroughly.
I understand that the HPTA shuts down if you inject more then you produce.
The estrogen/t levels vary normally every day, so the hypothalamus should just react to the external T as it does to normal T variations during the day ?

Ie : you have a natural level of 500 ng/dl; which is ie. 60 mg of T produced weekly by your body (average is 70 mg per week, you are a bit lower).
You take 125 mg T-enanthate (=± 115 mg of T without the esther) every 3 weeks.
Halflife of enanthate is ± 5 days.

  • Lets say that the first week, you get 70 mg of external T in total.
    Since this is more then the 60 mg your body normally produces, you will not produce much T in that week.
  • The second week, you will only have the rest of the external T = 55 mg T, which is lower then your own T production.
    Does this mean at the end of the second week, the HPTA immediately jumps back in action and you start producing your own T, bringing the total T produced that week to a slightly above normal level ?
  • In the third week, you have no external T left, so your HPTA will work like before.

This means that a third of the time, you have positive effects of higher T (600-800 ng/dl).
The next week, you will have a little bit more then normal (550).
The third week, you are back to normal (500).

You can repeat this as much as you want, without HPTA damage.
OK it does nothing for bodybuilding, but shouldn’t this work for people just wanting to increase their normal levels a litte bit ?

I suppose the hypothalamus reacts immediately to higher or lower T (estrogen) levels, there is no time delay with this. So why would this not work ?

Sorry for the long post, I really want to understand this before starting TRT.
I will certainly not do it if I have a total HPTA shutdown during the entire TRT period.

Imo once the hpta shuts downs it does not pick up immediately when you stop the t. It can take weeks and some need clomid/Nova to help restart.

So if u are shut down and you last injected 2 weeks ago you are probably still shut down. Plus most t have a long half life.

Is it possible that your hpta is starting to produce very little LH after a couple of weeks from last injection -sure . that’s why if u stop injections you will start feeling miserable for a while until hpta wakes up. And that’s if it does.

I thought this would only be the case after a long shutdown.
If you could shutdown and wakeup within 2 weeks and repeat this, there would never be a problem.
Which is not the case apparantly, thanks to make this clear.