Low Dose Triptolerin for Restart

Ive heard many bodybuilders use this for post AAS restart. Since my situation is similar and I start to consider it but Im not sure how safe it is regarding the original meaning of the chemical.

I have a trusted dealer that will get me the good stuff and can find it also from pharmacy.

How safe it is and up to what dosage?

It should do it for you, based on what I just read, but I have never heard of anyone using it, ever. So I couldn’t begin to comment on dosage.

Can you give me the source you’ve read about this from? Its really to find sources for this usage of the chemical…

I’ve seen it on propecia help and or hackstasis. I can try to find specific examples later

If I remember correctly it’s very bad to take too much of it… like castration level bad

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Yes I know this it can be taken in very small dosages up to 2 times per year but I want to know what exactly is the safety dosage for restart and how safe it is exatly

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As @ncsugrad2002 said you have to be really careful with that stuff, it can actually shut down your HPTA through over stimulation if you take too much. Dosing is very important.

I wanna say it was 100mcg, but I am guessing. I will look into to it today and see if I can the info, just got back from a long vacation so trying to get caught up :slight_smile:

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