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Low Dose Tren E and Cardio

Hello forum,

About me,
Lifting for 15+ years
Martial arts 5 times a week (heavy cardio)
32 years old
200mg test cyp pw script

I am currently cruising on 200mg test cyp per week and adex .25mg eod and I am retaining water (always do on test, even with an AI). The only compounds that dry me up good are winny and/or tren. I do a lot of BJJ and boxing so winny is out of the table cuz it really messes up my joints. I’ve ran masteron and the few times I’ve done it, I’ve seen very little from it. So it leaves me with tren, which seriously fucks up my cardio at doses above 200mg tren e per week. Last time I ran tren it was tren ace at 50mg eod and I felt it was fucking me up cardio wise so had to stop (equals 175mg pw). mg per mg, I believe acetate version is stronger though, so not sure if that is a good dose to gauge sides on enanthate version.

I am planning on adding this to my HRT of 200mg test for about 20 weeks

I’ve ran tren-e at 400mg and at 200mg per week, 400mg I become a monster but a dickhead aswell, 200mg gives me awesome recomp and looks and strength but still kills my cardio a bit.

Question: 100mg tren e per week alongside 200mg test cyp. Will this low dose tren help me control bloat and dry me up a bit? Will this dose affect my cardio?

Looking for people who have ran something similar.

** I’ve done many cycles in the past with much much higher doses, however I prefer low dose cycles as they have proven to be very effective with minimal side effects.

Sorry for long post!

Tren for 20 weeks LOL!

Im abit confused as to why you actually want to run Tren? Is it just to “dry you up”?

It seems like you are very martial arts orientated, so with that in mind, I dont see why you would want to run such a heavy compound with negative effects on cardio just to dry up… I personally would keep it very simple with Test, a better diet and anavar…

If you are as serious about getting jacked and strong as you are about the martial
arts then Yes Tren would help in the gym or even NPP/Deca which wouldnt have the cardio sides. I would run ace/npp for 8 weeks or E/Deca for 10-12.