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Low Dose Tren + Deca = Ok?


My upcoming cycle consisting of
600mg Test E/wk
600mg EQ/wk

was supposed to also include 200mg Deca/wk, however...

my source informed me that this batch of Test E also has approx 100mg of Tren E per 600mg dose of Test. He's a homebrewer (who I've used several times before with success) who was playing mad scientist with his latest batch and now I'm reluctant to shoot the Deca as a result.

Should I stay away from the second Nor-19 even though the Tren dose is relatively low? Or proceed but perhaps w/ caution?

I'm frontloading the EQ wk1 and running it for an additional 8 weeks and continuing on with the test by itself for 2 weeks following. adex, caber, and nolva ready, blah blah...


If you have caber, along with the fact that 100mg of Tren E per week is practically nothing, you will be fine.