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Low Dose Tren Ace with TRT

I just completed a low dose tren a cycle with my standard TRT dose(50Mg EOD) . I wanted to keep everything the same so I could judge the sides and effectiveness if the tren.
I started out at 20MG/Day for the first 2 weeks, then upped to 25Mg/day for 2 more weeks then finished off with 30Mg/day for the next 11 days.I upped my EOD dose of anastrozole 10%, so just over .1Mg total (thats point1). I did my injections in the early AM.
Gained about 6 lbs. Started at 224lbs, and am now close to 231. All lifts went up about 10%.
Sides were very minimal to be honest. Some night sweats, but we keep it cold in our house and the sheets we have are real good for that. Some minor insomnia. I would sleep well until about 3:00 Am. I go to bed early and get up at around 4:30, so this was no big deal. No real effect on blood pressure. My blood pressure is slightly high(140/85) and I was concerned about that but it had little to no effect on it. In fact there was more than once I checked and I was in the 125/80 range which I would normally see from time to time. DBOLmy blood pressure to over 155/95 in just a few days.
I became a sexual beast. Im turning 50 in May and we would have sex sometimes twice nightly, a few time 3 times in a day. I could rebound in about 15 minutes from orgasm and actually orgasm a second time in a reasonable amount of time which can be hard for me sometimes.I actually “broke” the wife a couple times and we had to take a night or 2 off. She took care of me in other ways…she’s amazing… I had caber on hand but didnt need it obviously…
All in all, I will probably do this a couple times a year now except probably get to that 30Mg/day sooner next time. Ill have some blood work done in a couple weeks to see how it affected my lipids. Hopefully not too bad. I think the daily injections helped keep the sides minimal.


Interesting. Your the first I’ve seen to run low dose tren. Have you considered low dose Masteron with your trt regimen? I’ve seen alot of guys rave about it.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Final dosage of TREN A (210 mg/wk) with low TE administration is something I’ve tried myself twice when shredding between heavier cycles. The compound is great as a main anabolic and androgen kept on low dosages, because you benefit from it’s androgenic properties without AR overstimulation and correlated (mainly) mental side effects. Too bad it destroys your lipids (degrading HDL especially fast).

Tren’s AA index is 300-500/300-500, so we can assume that it’s an equivalent of almost 1g of TE, so the effect. I had to mention this.

If you’d continue your cycle, I’m pretty sure that insomnia would go away!

Ive tried Mast twice (Mast E). I didnt have much benefit from it although I may give mast p a try.

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But by this notion fluoxymesterone at 70mg/wk has the anabolic potency of 1330mg of pure unesterified test/wk (1729mg of TE/wk), this is far from the truth. A/A ratios from what I recall are taken with regard to an anabolic steroids ability to stimulate growth of a rats levator ani muscles relative to stimulation of growth of the prostate. (Thus AAS like DHT, mestanolone, mesterolone are potent anabolics in rats as they have different enzymes, metabolic pathways and whatnot)

Tren is one of the few in which its activity on paper seems to translate to reality (with regard to androgenicity at least). I’ve never used and probably never will use tren but I am curious, in you’re opinion, does 100mg of tren/wk really allow you to gain as much lean tissue as 500mg of test/wk would?

Yes, AA ratio is just a more or less predictable indicator how a given AAS would act, no to be taken too seriously (plus anecdotal evidence and we know usually enough).

100 mg of TREN/wk with some E2 from a aromatizing compound is way more anabolic than 100 mg of TEST solo for sure in comparison.

I’ve used tren several times at 150mg a week for 8 weeks and have great results. No sleep issues or blood pressure problems. Stacked with low dose test and DHB or EQ it’s great.

Yea but in you’re opinion, is 100mg tren as potent as 500mg test with regard to anabolic properties (androgenicity I’d believe), however I can’t believe that if someone used 500mg test/wk (a solid test dose) that they’d gain just as much using only 100mg tren. If we were talking dimethyldrostanolone or methyldihydroboldenone or something like that I’d believe it.

In you’re opinion do you think the 5:5 ratio stands true in real life

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Dude, what’s true in real life I have no to just a little idea in this case, too many factors to consider! Levator ani vs ventral prostate AA based index was criticized and appreciated many times by the field experts - most of the time it confirms the properties of a steroid, so it’s still actual. What I can say is TREN solo (with HPTA being OFF then, obviously) leads to E2 removal, so massive gains won’t be observed for sure (if any, who knows) - what stands in opposition to TEST which gives you E2 to aid an anabolic respond (things change drastically when you stack TREN with E2). I use the index just to predict relative strenght of a steroid, not sticking to exact numbers (but from 3x to 5x more strenght compared to TEST is reasonably real, if E2 is present, what’s a little nonsense).

Well that’s pretty rad. And AR saturation wouldn’t occur at lower doses I assume. Thus for a pro bodybuilder it may be more practical to use 300mg tren vs 1500mg test. Although AAS cause synthesis of new AR thus I wonder at what point does the dose of AAS overpower the synthesis of new AR.

Is the new AR synthesized from AAS permeant? And if so, surely they’d become downregulated from chronically high doses.

What we know is AR synthesis is increased and decreased (depends on a study) after AAS administration. So it’s density and activity is affected for sure.
What we also know is after a given concentration of AAS is maintained, your body mass increases for 6-10 weeks, then plateau. It isn’t known why exactly that happens, nothing is sure. Probably AR response to an agonist decreases and/or density of AR decreases after some time (negative feedback loop), so… Nothing new.

ive ben doing the sme with the same results but i only been doing 20mg every other day.