Low Dose Tren A in Next Blast

Just a thought while I’m thinking about it, do you guys think p5p is enough to control prolactin with 19 - nors?

No experience with it to comment. Most say to have caber on hand. I would use P5P from the start though. It is kinda a gray area in that your dose is low, so you would most likely be fine with P5P, but maybe not.

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At that dose is should be plenty. I ran it at 300 mg/day. It helps control prolactin but is a self limiting process so it won’t tank your prolactin like caber will

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I would suggest with starting even lower than 200mg per week. I’m currently doing 12 weeks of 126mg split into ED shots. I believe daily shots is the reason why I’ve experienced little sides. I never experienced Tren cough, but I did mix it with test and mast in the same shot. Only sides that stayed with me were increased body temp/mild night sweats. I’m also starting to notice some psychological sides creeping up as I near the end of the cycle…Initially had some increase in anger but that went away after the first 4 weeks. Start low and asses how your body tolerates the compound and then increase. The higher you go, the worse the sides will get. Believe me, less is more with Tren. 126mg might not sound like a lot, but I definitely noticed the difference it made.

  • I used 50mg of P5P daily and I normally have higher than normal prolactin. Didn’t notice any prolactin related issues. No caber

Good luck


I am hoping so. I do have Caber ready if 200-300mg P5P isn’t enough

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I’ll try 100mg/wk for a few weeks and see how it goes. 300 was going to be my max this cycle. Thanks for the advice I’m going to take it.

Started my cycle last Thursday. Will be a short 10 wk blast before next TRT blood prep. My plan as of Thursday, doing daily injections is:

TC 420mg wk
Tren A 210mg/wk, will try to move to 300mg later in cycle
EQ 250 wk (yes, low dose and fewer weeks, it worked fine for me last time)
Anavar 50mg bid last six weeks

I’ve done 15mg of Tren A per day as a start to see how I tolerate it. So far mood is much better than I was on NPP. No anxiety like I had. Its early so no ED to speak of. I have been having incredible, lucid dreams. I have had a few that I recognize I’m in a dream but don’t wake up. I never sleep well so waking up a lot is not uncommon. I can get right back to sleep. The dreams are so life like. The only variable is the Tren Ace, and it’s happened every night so far. Strength up a bit, but I’ve been in a decent caloric deficit leading to this so it’s tough to gauge. I can say on back day I always warm up with pull ups, first couple bounced right up and my head hit the drop ceiling. I’ll try to add a few pics later in the week. Not expecting a ton out of this short cycle, but each cycle keeps building on the last.


Almost a week in. No noticeable sides from the Tren A like I had with NPP. I will say my mood is flat, but it may be just because of high stress elsewhere. No ED to speak of at 210 and only a week in. No insomnia but I’m telling you these lucid dreams are crazy, kind of getting old. I am tired so I do not believe I’m entering a deep sleep cycle. Definitely some water retention, not a ton but my abs are not as defined as they were. What are thoughts about adding Tren E so I can move off daily injections, or should I give more time to see how I react to Tren A? It peaks at 2-3 days so I’m thinking I should have a good handle on it with in the next week. It would take that long to get Tren E anyways.

Give it a few weeks, bare minimum 3 weeks, but I would wait until 4 weeks if possible before swapping from A to E. Sure, blood concentration peaks then, but the down stream effects take weeks to happen.

Also, your mood being flat it probably an indicator that going much higher could cause total apathy or anger issues, so just watch out for that. It MIGHT be stress in other areas, but it also could be the tren.

It is weird that you are gaining water weight from this. Yours is the first I have ever heard of that happening.

I can just stick it out with the A, was going to run it eight weeks. If I run it again I’ll use a combo of the two maybe. I just hate these 100mg/mL mixes haha. I’m not sure about doing much more than 210mg Tren A. I’shooting 0.6mL per day without the EQ, Tren A gives me a bit of a pip but nothing more than an annoyance. I think the water is from total AAS load, I’ve got Test at 420mg/wk.

Almost two weeks in. I am in an AWFUL mood today. Started yesterday. Not like NPP, that gave me anxiety. Not quite angry but I imagine I would have a short fuse. Thought I would get away without the mood issues. I’m going to skip tren today and tomorrow, see if mood improves. If it does I’ll do 15mgs a day instead of 30, see if that’s enough to stave off mental sides. Since I know I do fine on test C, I’ll just fill the remaining space in each shot with test c for now. In a short time I do like the changes Tren has added.


I understand, going through it now. I’ll describe it as ‘cold’ or indifferent. This is from a person with a constant 10 for sense of well-being, just blah.

Blah sounds like a good description. Today is not enough to have me throw it all away, but I’m assuming this could begin compounding, which would cause me to throw out the tren. I’m assuming the build up after two weeks is causing the mood change but also the greatest gains from the cycle. How much are you taking?

MENT is not easy to find right now, nor is it cheap (price/dose it’s on point with pretty much any other compound though) but it has completely eradicated all mood sides that I had with nandrolone. I have yet to try it with tren, but in 6.5 weeks I am dropping the NPP and starting tren.

I am running 10 mg/day, but even at 5 mg/day it was a HUGE improvement with my mood.


50 mg per day

How much time are you giving yourself to recover your lipids, raise your SHGB, get your HCT under 52% and get your TT and E2 back in TRT range? Uncheck any of these boxes and your doc will know. Your clinic is not dumb they have seen and heard it all. The questions is? Does he care?

They don’t test anything but TT, E2, CBC. My HCT is high on TRT, when I give blood two weeks before my blood test it’s been down in the 40’s. I haven’t check lipids since my PCP but I’m sure they’ll be trashed. 5 weeks this time was more than enough to get levels back to normal, my TT was low 400’s at my TRT dose. My E2 tanked somehow on my TRT bloods to the teens.

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I stopped Tren A last week to see if it was what was affecting my mood. This week is telling me other people are what sucks and not tren. I replaced what was in each shot last week with test c (up to 700 mg/this week) and I feel great, didn’t want to waste the pin volume. I am going to try adding the Tren back in now at 15 mg a day. I’ll kick the TC up to 490 (70mg/day). If mood tanks again I’ll just kick the T back up. Being a little leaner going into this blast has done wonders to see quicker gains, or at least unhide them.


Closing out this thread with my experience. It seems for me 2 wks is the sweet spot for 19-nors to find out I don’t love them, which is terrible because that’s also the sweet spot when I started seeing something out of them. Low dose tren did cause some mood issues, quicker to anger. That I was managing. Recently I started to notice less sensation during sex and it was taking me longer to finish. That’s a deal breaker since my lady has a timer next to the bed, when it goes off I get evicted from the vagina . I’m partially kidding, but she is more apt to agree to some sexy time if I can keep it quick which wasn’t easy before tren. Spend our whole lives trying not to be minute men just to be married and given two minutes lol, plenty of irony. I’m going to just ride out a few more weeks through August with 500 Test C and 250 EQ, with some anavar the last four weeks.