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Low Dose Test P + NPP for 55 Year Old

Hello, I'm going to apologies in advance for the metric measurements and tell you that English is not my first language.

I'm a 55 year old, I'm 186cm tall and a little over 100kg, not really fat but I deffenitly have a belly. Been working out all my life, sports, running, cycling and so on. Started going to the gym about 5 years ago but never really been a "hardcore gym rat". Just lifting as a way to be active more or less but started to take my lifting more serious about 1year ago. As I get older I feel weaker and this is taking out its toll and my knees are shoot to hell from playing so much football (soccer) in my youth, the doctors say I have to strengthen my muscles in my legs and preferably loose weight so the joints take less of the load than the muscles.

So I'm thinking of doing a cycle of low dose testo p and npp for 8-12 weeks. My contact suggested to take these e3d, he suggested the npp since I have bad joints. But as I have read on forums everyone is saying eod for the testo and some say eod for npp and others say e3d.

So I'm looking for advice on what I should do, I'd rather take both together e3d but if you feel like it's better to take both eod I will do that. And what kind of side effects are we talking about when doing e3d instead of eod with these preps on low dose? And whats considered a low dose, I've read so much different reports, is 75mg testo and 50mg npp eod considered a low dose and is it possible to go even lower, like 50mg/25mg or will it only be stupid? Maybe it's better to take 75mg testo 50mg npp e3d instead of 50/25 eod?

About side effects and pct, is Nolvadex sufficient to keep at home during if I feel like I'm developing gyno and to use as pct for these doses? Or should I be considering any other preps?

Test P and NPP are really best administered EOD. Will E3D work… yes but if you’re going to do it why not do it the best way for the ester used correct? The joint benefits of NPP are only going to be temporary. I would never recommend AAS to somebody that isn’t already in prime shape looking to push past their natural barrier. Are you ready for TRT the rest of your life? If no, then run and don’t look back. If yes, then you pay to play.

You can get the joint benefit of NPP at lower doses, so the 75mg Test P / 50mg NPP EOD should work fine IMO.

Thank you for the input. I agree with you on the eod, as you said, why not do it the optimum way.

About the npp for the joints, I belive that maybe I will get more out of my cycle if I minimize the joint pain while cycling so that I can work harder.

About the TRT, do you mean that in my age after a cycle I’m not going to “recover” and that after the cycle I should go to the doctor and ask for TRT? Because I’ve thought about TRT, isn’t that good for most of men my age?

I’m saying there is a risk when you run anabolics that your HPTA may not recover. If it doesn’t then you may be on TRT for life. I’m on TRT at a youngish age and I wish I wasn’t. Its a balancing act and I have to pay for meds and stick myself for life. It wouldn’t be my first choice.

Hi ealgen, welcome to the forum. Its nice to have another old man around here. I am 65 on TRT and I blast twice a years. Currently started my Spring blast march 1st.
Is Test P all you can get your hands on? Any chance of getting testosterone ethanate or cypionate?
Since you are a natty and I assume you have never taking T injections before you should go slow and start low. There is a lot of crappy side effects when one first starts taking T and the more you take can make those side worse. I would suggest you just do T only on your first cycle.

I understand your concerns for your joints. When you cycle you can let your E2 go up and it will protect your joints. Let pain be your guide. There is no need for an AI like anastrozole for a 12 week cycle. TRT!?! well that is another matter. In most cases if you want to run a high T level and AI can really help you control your E2.

Novadex is an excellent way to get back to natty.

If you can afford it you should consider a full mens health blood test to get a baseline. My suggestions would be:

  • LH and FSH (Pituitary hormones that stimulate testicular cells that can help diagnose primary (testicular) or secondary hypogonadism)

  • Total and free testosterone

  • SHGB

  • Prostatic specific antigen (PSA)

  • Estradiol

  • Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)

  • Lipids (LDL, HDL, Triglycerides)

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) (Glucose, electrolytes, liver/kidney functions)

  • Comprehensive Blood Count (CBC) (Immune cells, red blood cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit)