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Low Dose Test E Cycle After 400mg/wk Before PCT


I am currently on my first test e cycle at 400mg/wk. I planned on doing 10 weeks and then going onto my PCT. I am stacking it with 4 IUs per day of HGH as well. I have actually been using the H for the past 8 months, but I plan on stopping once I complete my test e PCT. I am on week 8 of my 10 weeks, and I have noticed excellent strength and size gains. However, whenever I run now, my legs get very pumped up and they feel heavier. I know a lot of that may be from water retention, but it still concerns me considering I do not want to sacrifice too much of my speed.

I have been doing some reading about endurance athletes, particularly cyclists and track sprinters, who run very long cycles at 125-250mg/wk. At that dosage, they are supposedly able to increase their muscular endurance, their RBC count, and they don’t suffer any of the water retention/over-pump sides that would otherwise limit their speed.

My question is, right now, at week 8, can I transition directly to a low dose of 150mg/wk for an additional 8 weeks before I go to my PCT?

My current fitness goals for a competition I am training for require that I increase my strength while maintaining my speed and cardio. I have been interval training and distance running while on cycle to maintain my cardio, and my lungs feel great. I am confident the test has increased my RBC too. The only downside is the bloating and heaviness of my legs. Based on test e usage in the cycling world, I am just looking to see if I can transition directly into that cycle or would that be dangerous due to the fact I have already been at 400mg/wk at 8 weeks?

I am 25, 5’7 and weigh 190 lbs.


16 weeks is a long time to be shutdown. Just PCT after your cycle is done