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Low Dose Test Cycle

gonna keep this as short as possible while typing with one hand:

21yrs, 6"3, 200 lbs, 14%BF

currently have a broken wrist from a car wreck which means legs only for 3-4 months

im already great size for being 3 years natty, im surprised there have been a couple people who asked me if i “took shit”

only thing is i dont want to lose that much size, from the injury, just because of some dumbfuck who cant drive, also dont have the same goal as most trt users, i don’t even wanna look like I’m on gear, i just want to do a low dose for 10-12 weeks, or however try to keep the gains as much as i can after I come off and whatever I lose I’ll gain back. not doing it any time soon, when my wrist is fuly healed

just want to incinerate my fat, and to make my legs way stronger, no tren.

gonna do injectables, which compounds are least toxic? When I say low dose I’m talking like 250 mg a week, not even close to what other people take. I would even go as far as to see a doctor and have him prescribe it so I can get it legally.

You are in the wrong place, you are not contemplating TRT, you are talking about doing a cycle. Go to Pharma and ask.

My personal opinion is 250mg/week blast are borderline counter productive. It’s hard for me to even consider this a “blast” altho some people do.

Heal up and run a what has now become standard on most forums “first blast” 500mg/week followed up with pct.

If your only aim is getting back your pre injury level, don’t worry you will get fairly quickly and easily due to muscle memory

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You say you look good now. That means you’ve done something right over the years. So when you’re healed just go back to doing that again. You’ll pick up the size you lost pretty fast. You can pound a gram a week of test and tren and it still won’t make you able to lift with a broken wrist. If those muscles don’t get worked they’ll shrink. That’s your reality here while you heal. It sucks, but it’s not something you can argue with. Besides, I bet you’ll bounce back a lot faster than you think.

I dont care if you do this pointless low dose “blast”. Just do yourself a favor and make sure you have good baseline bloodwork done before you do this. If you screw this up and you never feel right again you will be doing bloodwork out of desperation. You wont have anything to compare it to and you will regret it.

Why not workout around the broken wrist as much as possible. I broke both my arms at the same time and had plenty of hardware put in each. I never stopped working a manual job and while my forearms shrunk nothing else did.

I could swear I was in the TRT section when I replied to this the first time. My apologies on that.
Anyway, I think that you’re better off working the bad arm as well as legs. You won’t lose much, there is bilateral carry-over when you train one side.