Low Dose Test Base for Oral Cycle

Hey guys I have been out of the loop for quite some time now, but I am coming back to the dark ages for another go around. Typically in the past I have done normal cycles (test + delayed oral kickstart) or (test/deca).

I am looking to try something a little different. And if anyone has read my posts in the past I enjoy incorporating Anadrol.

Let me know what you guys think.

250mg Test E wks 1-10
100mg Anadrol ED wks 1-4
25 or 50?mg Winstrol ED wks 1-6

I have all necessities for any flare up during cycle and plan to use stasis/taper for PCT. My question is… Would 250mg Test E be enough? I’m figuring with the other gear in addition to the test it would suffice. I’d also be splitting my inj to M/Th to keep levels as stable as possible. I’m always open to criticism.

no man not enough, and are you planning on running the drol for ten weeks also?! id do four weeks of 100/50 drol winstrol respectively. and just run a basic ten weeker of 500mg/week. you will be more than happy

My apologies, forgot to put the weeks for the orals.

So you think the 250mg/wk of test is a waste?

I am just thinking with the 250/wk thats already 1300mg of gear/week if i run the winny @50mg ED. with 500mg/wk of test your lookin at almost 2000mg of gear every week.

Why not do the anadrol at the beginning and winstrol at the end?

Definitely a possibility. The only reason I was actually incorporating the winstrol though was the anti-prog properties.

What would elevate progesterone? I hear Winstrol is effective as keeping SHBG in check, however I don’t think that will make any noticeable difference. Your call…

Many take Winstrol together with Anadrol in order to stop most any side effects you would be prone to from the Anadrol.

I have completed many oral cycles keeping a notable amount of gains from them, but I am now attempting to add a low base. In doing this I will be able to slowly taper off after about 10 weeks and see how much of a difference that does in comparison to without the test.

My sole question is if you guys think the 250mg Test E for 10 wks will be useless or not.


You can call this my personal “experiment”.

Guys, I have decided to move forward with this cycle. I am starting tomorrow.

Everyone always talks about oral only cycles and I believe this would be the only way you could truly get real gains and keep them. And if you cant handle injecting yourself with 1ml of test a week then you shouldnt be using to begin with.

Wks 1-10 Test E @ 250mg/wk (.5ml M/Th)
Wks 1-5 Anadrol @ 100mg ED
Wks 1-6 Winstrol @ 50mg ED

I’ll be using stasis/taper for PCT. I plan to slowly come off the test after the 10th week and the goal will be to keep as much of my gains as possible from the orals.

Wish me luck :slight_smile:

I’ll start a log/post pics on here.


I am just experimenting. I do have 2 vials of prop I could incorporate instead of enan.


Your running an orals cycle…but with test…except its at a low dose.

It makes no sense.

Run your orals, and just double the test ammount.

Its not going to cost much more and then it will be a real cycle instead of a “test base” (read: too low) with orals.

Why not front load the Test E, and end the cycle after 7 weeks? You could do a slightly higher dosed shorter cycle, for better recovery.

I would go for the prop personally though

[quote]BMC85 wrote:
Definitely a possibility. The only reason I was actually incorporating the winstrol though was the anti-prog properties. [/quote]

Absolutely, why run it past the drol though?? :slight_smile:

Good to hear from you again


[quote]BMC85 wrote:
You can call this my personal “experiment”.


Well IMO…

Yes, the test will add a little pepper to the regulat oral cycle you are used to and you could see exactly what 250mg test can actually do. (ie, a lot more than most here think)

Good thread!


[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Also, part of the ‘attraction’ of oral cycles is their short, ‘in and out’ nature, making then easier to recover from.

Running 10 weeks of test, totally negates this aspect.

5 weeks of test prop and anadrol, then recovering with a SERM for say 4 weeks and then running 5 weeks of test prop and winstrol would IMO be a MUCH better idea.


100% agree

If you do go with test E, have a 2 week break from ALL androgens before the stasis to make sure the stasis levels are as they should be, and not affected by 10 weeks of building testosterone with an active live of about 4 weeks!