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Low Dose Test and Tren for Second Cycle

so long story short I’ve found out through trial and error that my best dose on anabolics is low dose (started at 900mg test and dropped down to 300 over time and felt much MUCG better both gains/pump and side wise)
for my next cycle I was thinking of 16 weeks of 300mg test and add 8 weeks of 100mg tren for the second half. I wanted to ask experienced users if tren being as effective as it is would still be worth to run at 100mg?

all anabolics mentioned above are enanthate ester and I am wondering ALSO if I should swap to tren ace instead because I hear it raises prolactin less and is more effective for an 8 week period as it kicks in faster.
also the reason I’m good with low dose may be because I’m 5’9 and 155 (small).

What did you weigh before the 900mg to 300mg T cycle? How much did you gain from the cycle?

Holy hell, 900mg of test for a first cycle?!

I’m currently doing a test e/tren e cycle, however, I’m 5"7 and 211lbs. I think you ought to start with the 100mg dose and see what it does for you. If nothing satisfactory happens in a week and a half you could gradually up it from there. This is assuming you’re an adult who is hellbent on using tren. I wouldn’t advise anyone your size to do a cycle, unless you’re like stupid strong or something and compete in a sport.

Start with ace instead. You’ll be glad you did.

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when I jumped on 900 mg everything was fine and dandy until week 3. the third week I realized it wasn’t as simple as just taking arimidex when it came to estrogen control. gained 3 kilos but my water retention basically ‘hurt’. libido was monstrously amazing at first but after a while estrogen killed it and even taking arimidex wasn’t helping so I dropped down to 600 for a couple of weeks with the same issues. now I’m at week 8 and had lowered my dose to 300 and added 30mg dbol for 2 weeks now. up 4 kilos but water is much lower and basically feeling like a god. complete opposite of how I felt when i was on 900

don’t people say ace is for cutting and has more prominent sides? why is that?

by small I meant as in size. I’m below %10 bodyfat so despite looking jacked I’m not huge by any means(though I did bench more than my bodyweight before the cycle) which is why I’m doing a cycle.

lol what did I say?

lol I’m saying I’m an adult that just doesn’t weigh a lot,not underage

What did you weigh before the cycle? How much did you gain from the cycle?

I was 136 lbs before cycle and now at 155 at week 7. low dose of multiple compounds definitely felt and worked better(added 30mg dbol after dropping test to 300mg from 900)

Use ace on your first run because if you get the worst of the sides you can bail out quickly. Not so with e. And tren is primarily for cutting or recomping because everyone says it’s nearly impossible to out-eat tren, so bulking is difficult.

That’s what is said, yet my 1st impression was “holy shit, that scale is moving.” I’m up 6 or 7lbs in a month without trying to be. Don’t get me wrong, as far as appearances go I’ve leaned out a bit while doing it, but the weight gain is still there. Even a drug like tren can’t break the laws of thermodynamics. If you can eat, you can eat.

I don’t think they say “you can’t out eat tren” because it burns what you eat into thin air… I think they say it because it’s so anabolic that you eat more. it doesn’t hold water and makes you harden so people think it’s just burning everything away because of the way they look and sweat I think.

also could I possibly start with ace and swap to E to test the waters? pinning EoD for 8 weeks would be excessive I imagine.but I do agree with the convenience of ace leaving the system quickly in case if I get real bad sides.

Exactly, I know @zeek1414 bulks on tren. The notion of “tren will eat through everything” is BS, you’ll certainly gain lean muscle mass on the substance

100mg is a very reasonable dose to use, props for indulging within responsible use. These guys today using 700mg+ for a first run of tren… it’s irritating, they have NO idea what’s in store for them 30 years down the line

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700mg+? goddamn that’s almost the entire amount in the vial I’ll be using!

Jeezus Christ, you don’t need Tren, you need to eat. I commend you on your modest dosages, but your training and diet are lacking.
Benching your body weight is not an impressive feat, especially at 135lbs.

I’d seriously contemplate going back to the basics before messing with more cycles.


Actually you should pin it every day and 100 mgs a week of tren is pointless , 35-40 mgs a day of tren ace to start then see if u want to adjust .

In my opinion and experience run your tren higher than test .

If your def going to try it I suggest 160-180 test e wk and 220 -280 tren a wk . Have some Prilosec , b6 , vitamin c and basic daily supps on hand but def those first three u should be fine . Pin tren daily with a 28g 1/2 or 5/8 slin every morning

100 weekly isn’t pointless, esp for a 155lb man… many use dosages far higher than they actually need

Do you really think a 155lb guy needs high dosages of tren… they use about 200mg weekly for fully grown cattle if I recall correctly

If they guy was 200+ lbs at his height you could make the arguement “he needs far more”.

Quite frankly I don’t think OP needs tren at all, but if he’s going to use… don’t encourage him to use MORE