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Low Dose T400


So I'm planning my next cycle and was originally intending on low test prop (50mg eod) and high tren ace (125mg eod). My buddy, however, swears by the certain brand of test 400 he takes and thinks I should do that instead of the prop. My reluctance is because even though I'd be doing t400 80mg eod (280/week) the actual mg of each compound in the t400 will be really low. It would end up being about 70mg/week each of test cyp, enan, deca and sus. Is that number kinda low? Or is the only thing that matters the total amount of test (280/week)?


it's going to make zero difference


people sure do make things complicated 'round here.

I'll never use anything but E or C. Although I would consider suspension, just for funsies. I hear it's killer for pre-workout.