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Low Dose Stanzanolol What PCT Needed?


I am 46yrs and have been doing exercise for most of my life.

13yrs ago I was weight training properly, weighting my food and eating it every 2 1/2 hrs.

A guy gave me Stanzanolol 25mg / day for 12wks. I got acne, but did not realise knee pain was also a side effect. Saw great results, loved it.

I had a bad accident on a MX bike which resulted in knee reconstruction surgery.

I did not do any exercise for 1yr and am now 5 months post operation.

At 3 months I felt fine so started running again. I used to rum 30km a week up mountains.

The running hurt my knee and set my rehab back.

So I took 2 x 5mg stanzanolol daily for 8wks (to date).

At the start of this cylce I started weight training proprly agian and have seen my body transform in the 8wks and my strengh increase at every wrkout.

My knee is no better and I now realise stanzanolol was a very bad choice.

I now want to safely exit this cylce, PCT is a new subject for me.

I have no acne on this cylce.

I live in Thailind so can buy everything over the counter. The Dr here are not good.

Would Tamoxifen citrate be the safe thing to take? I am not sure I need anything.

1wk 20mg daily
2wk 10mg daily

Anything else I need to take for PCT?

Thank you so much for helping.


Tamoxifen/Nolvadex is a SERM: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selective_estrogen-receptor_modulator
These reduce effects of estrogens in ‘selected’ tissues, but blood levels of E2 are also increased. If you stop a SERM suddenly, the hypothalamus suddenly sees the estrogens and that can shut down the HPTA. So your taper needs to be longer. You can do 10mg EOD then E3D for a while.

Taking 0.5mg anastrozole per week in divided doses will be useful during PCT. You can cruise on that for a while after PCT as well to reduce E2 effects on your HPTA.

Rather, stanozolol as a DHT derivative can selectively compete with progesterone and other natural and synthetic progestins (nandrolone) for progestin receptors; yielding a reduction in progesterone mediated anti-inflammatory processes and presenting patients with a perception of increased joint discomfort.

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Thank you for your help.

Still taking the Stan while I do loads of research, complicated subject slowly begining to make sense.

A pharmist who stocks juice and nolva says no PCT needed.

Not so sure myself, so have contacted the hospital which did the surgery.

I really want to read the pct stickies but cant find them.

Did hit the search button before posting, as I know how not doing it winds people up.


Stanozolol is a DHT derivative: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanozolol

It does not aromatize to estrogens but is still a negative feedback signal on your HPTA.

If your HPTA does not restart on its own, you then need a PCT-restart.

It can affect your liver, check AST/ALT