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Low Dose Stanozolol (Winstrol) Over Test Cycle and Arimidex

I started my first cycle 11 days back. Felt good in the first week then my mood crashed. I’m feeling weak and lethargic too. I’m doing 250mg Test E every 4-5 days. Not getting another blood test unless absolutely required, too early and expensive imo. Planned to get one after 4-6 weeks. But I think it’s due to low free T and spike in estrogen.

My pre-cycle natty bloodwork shows low free T and high out of range Estrogen

Total T - 589.22 ng/dl
Free T - 38 pg/ml
Estradiol (E2) - 91 pg/ml (out of normal range)

I’m lean, don’t drink or smoke, so maybe genetically I’m more prone to converting Test to Estrogen. I think Arimidex will solve it, will start with 0.25mg every other day. I’m thinking of taking Winstrol in low doses to increase free T and get the most out of my test cycle, like 4 mg per day for the remaining 10 weeks. Chose Winstrol coz it’s cheaper, requires lower doses and the only oral available at pharmacies here. I’ll avoid UG lab stuff. Also, genuine Anavar is hard to find.

Want opinions on it. My goal is to get the most bulk out of Test cycle and increase it’s effectiveness with mild stacking.

Your SHBG is likely in the 100+ range (using the calculator). Are you doing keto/low carb?

Just taking test will lower SHBG some, over time, also try Boron or Proviron if you can get it.

I wouldn’t take the AI yet even tho your e2 is high, some of it still binds to SHBG and you’ll just lower it more.

Winstrol is one of the best muscle builders out there, and being a DHT derivative should add a lot of strength. Fun compound, just watch your lipids. IMO with 500 test you shouldn’t have any estrogen side effects that can’t quickly be fixed with some adex. You want as much estrogen as possible without it being problematic. Estrogen is like lawyers and hookers, more is better until it’s not. More estrogen = better heart health, better libido (contrary to popular belief, estrogen is one of the main factors in the male libido, and for women it’s testosterone), more fat loss, faster soft tissue recovery, neuroprotection, etc etc etc. My cycle philosophy now a days is a “sports TRT” base of as much test you can handle without needing to remedy estrogen (this is a moving target depending on time on, body fat, etc) and then filling the rest of your cycle with the right compounds for what you’re trying to achieve. If that’s pure lean dry contractile tissue then something like Masteron, Primobolan, and Winstrol are phenomenal choices. If you like volumizing compounds that add intercellular water just because you like looking “fuckin hyoogeee” then Nandralone, Dianabol, and Anadrol are good choices.


Not doing keto, but on low carb diet rn. Seems pharma Proviron is available here, and it’s better than Winstrol for what I want. Tbh I didn’t consider adding Proviron until you mentioned, looked up and it seems ideal for first cycle. Thanks!

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That’s interesting, thanks! My goal is a lean dry aesthetic/athletic physique and want to keep most of it after my cycle.

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That could help cause higher SHBG