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Low Dose Scrotal Cream Effective?

I wanted to try scrotal cream but was concerned about high DHT side effects. Would this protocol be effective without raising DHT too much?
1 click AM 20%(50 mg)cream applied to shoulders
1 click AM 5%(12.5mg) cream applied to scrotum
1 click PM 20%(50 mg)cream applied to shoulders

My current labs:
Total Test level 330 ng/dL range 250-1100
Free test 30 pg/dL range 35-155
SHBG 44 nmol/L range 10-50
E2 Ultra Sensitive 19 pg/ml
DHT 37 ng/dL range 16-79
54 years old 22% body fat. (I know it sucks)

Any feedback or advice is appreciated. New to therapy.

Not sure what you mean. The whole point of the cream is to really raise DHT levels.

I’d personally try injections first. Chances are you do good on 2x week injections and won’t have to bother with therapy 14 times a week.

Thanks. I was looking for modest increase in DHT without going to high to avoid sides. Figuring it would be better than applying just to shoulders. It’s a conservative approach, middle of the road between scrotal and normal application.

Yeah, that’s not the only low thing. You’re very low T, especially your FT. Just do 150mg split twice a week and work on lowering your bodyfat more. Stay on the protocol 3 months and then get bloodwork to assess your serum levels. Good chance you’ll be right at the high end of TT, FT, E2, and DHT - which you want. If DHT is still not where you want, you can just increase to 200mg/week.