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Low Dose of Test to Avoid Acne

Hi, im wondering how much test I have to take to avoid acne and low test sides during cycle. For instance on a cutting cycle with 300mg of primo (bayer), 50mg of test prop eod will do the job? That’s 175 mg of test prop per week.
I want to compete on a men’s physique categories so I don’t want a huge amount of muscle.
thank you for reply

Lol, as if the muscle is just going to come piling on right?

50 or 100 mg test prop eod?

Pin Test Prop ED.

Yes, 175mg of Test a week should be enough to mimic normal endogenous Testosterone levels. Alternatively, you could use 500-750IU HCG per week to make your testes produce normal amounts of Testosterone while on cycle.

If wanting to control acne, keeping E2 levels in check is a good idea.

[quote]eatliftsleep wrote:
Lol, as if the muscle is just going to come piling on right?[/quote]

LOL seriously. OP, you can take 750mg/week and not put on muscle if you aren’t training/eating accordingly. Your diet will dictate your gains the most. Why do people think test just “adds” muscle?

Mad gainz bro; I dont wanna look like jay cutler if I cycle… egawd