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Low Dose of Anavar With HRT?


I recently got put on HRT by my doc( only 100mg/wk) and was wondering if I could take a low dose of Anavar, say 10mgs a day for 6-8 weeks, to supplement the HRT without shutting me down. I'm just wanting to get into the high normal range. Thanks.


Anavar is not suppressive on the HPTA, so you could use it with HRT expecting modest but solid results. I'd advise you to up the dosage though, as 10 mg / day just won't cut it...


thanks for the input freak, I have been on 10mg ED for a week now and feel great, good pumps and alot of energy. Been real tight in my lower back kinda like dbol though. Other than that i love it. How long before I go back to my doc should I discontinue use of the Anavar? I don't want my test levels to be high or he'll want to cut my dose. If anything, I want him to up it!


Anavar does not elevate testosterone levels, you'll be fine.