Low-Dose Nandrolone with Test for TRT?

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Haha I remember trying to show that video to a college girlfriend. She wasn’t amused. I knew it wasn’t meant to be.


The “incorrect” was in reference to your confident assertion that I’d be using nandrolone with or without a prescription. The portion of your post I excerpted states clearly that you state I’d be using it “for recreational purposes regardless of whether or not a doctor prescribed it.” You are, in fact, wrong about that. I would not be using nandrolone if a doctor hadn’t prescribed it, and I have absolutely no idea why you insist that you aren’t saying what you are obviously saying.

You can see the exact exchange here, where it’s crystal clear what I’m replying to. Don’t be disingenuous.

I’m not following but you clearly think off label use for Nandrolone is acceptable because it was your Doc’s idea. All I’m trying to say is its not an HRT compound. Your body doesn’t produce it naturally and it was not intended for use in HRT. That’s it… period. That’s what I am trying to unsuccessfully say. I’m also saying… and solely in my opinion… that Defy is being irresponsible and rampant in their prescribing of Nandrolone lately. I’m guessing they will be in some hot water in the near future. Best of luck sir, didn’t meant to hi-jack your thread.

You literally said that you think I’d use nandrolone whether or not Defy prescribed it to me. You’re saying that I’d use it recreationally regardless of whether I had an Rx or not. Read your own words carefully and you’ll see what I mean.

Neither were aromatase inhibitors or HCG.

Very good point of your own… not mine. I agree with you entirely. Guess what I don’t advocate for use of either.

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Just a small correction here; nandrolone is an endogenous hormone in found in small amounts in mammals, including humans. It’s part of the conversion process of testosterone to estradiol via aromatization.


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But… you are using nandrolone recreationally… any use of a medication outside of approved use (on and off label) meets the criteria for recreational use in MY opinion. A doctor CAN prescribe medications recreationally, look at the pill mills that used to exist in the states (you’d give a doc money, they’d hand out opiate pain medication)… these have been shut down now (at least I hope they have)… Same goes for cannabis, prescribing cannabis to treat a variety of ailments the drug is unapproved to treat/ all the clinics that’s find an excuse to give you a medical card… who are we kidding? This is recreational use… same goes to the notion oxandrolone as a cutting aid when prescribed in HRT clinics

Recreational use is recreational use RX or not my friend, doesn’t matter… just look at it for what it is. I’d consider nandrolone use (if I was to indulge) recreational even if I was using to amoreliate joint pain.

Yes, however it’s typically only present in trace amounts, so… nandrolone replacement therapy may be something like 2mg weekly lol

If I had a way to get Deca I’d be all ears… so how old do I have to be to go to defy? I know a doc that scripts var so that’s no issue. Waiting for my next trip to the US. I have some old school acquaintances that now live in FL so I’d have something to do if I went down there.

Dead due to AAS induced lethal arrhythmia…

Blue oyster cult is a sick band

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@unreal24278 Granted, just pointing out that it is a naturally occuring hormone, not trying to justify any particular position or usage.

I don’t anyone taking nandrolone is taking it for replacement reasons, but for some other effect, be that muscle building, joint pain, etc.

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Sorry I see where the miscommunication is on my part now. You’re keying in on one sentence instead of the entire message(s) and that sentence was poorly structured. My apologies. I didn’t mean to state you would be using Nandrolone without a script. I was referring to the fact that it’s a recreational use for the drug regardless of it being scripted or not. I’m not sure why you would care… I’m certainly not the moral high ground of authority. I use recreationally.

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Would you mind sharing some detail of the mental and physical side effects you experienced? We all know about the problems guys have when running this stuff high, but what about at “therapeutic” levels?

I can’t speak to others expierence but I’ve been on npp, at 300mg per week with 750test for 8 weeks…bulking cycle… Done plenty of test only cycles so I could feel and see the npp difference.
Mentally first 3 weeks short temper & low sex drive. I can always feel when npp wearing off because sex drive sky rockets with test so high. No sexual sides as I been on caber & anastrozle since beginning… Strength was through the roof tbh I had to back down the weights because joints couldn’t keep up. Size gains very solid nice & round. Got 1more month to go but might make it 2… Goal was to get to 215 sitting at 198 and stalling…I don’t think its the gear its my diet…having hard time getting the protein in.
Weird stuff I noticed on npp is I hardly sweat in gym & sometimes at night I breathe heavy…but that could be from the 3hr gym seshs
All in all I give npp a solid 4.5 stars its mild manageable & I feel fine

Yes sir. So I maintained desire for intercourse but had very difficult time getting an erection and then maintaining it. That was the major physical side effect which for me makes any drug not worth it. It took months for this to go away somewhat and a year to get back to 90%. The mental side effects are harder to describe but manifested for me in some minor jealousy, odd attachment sensations to relatives, and general anxiety.

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Disagree pretty strongly here. The goal of my nandrolone use is not to enhance my physique or get any benefits beyond what I’m looking for from my test-only HRT. It’s about achieving a steady state of normal libido and sexual function without the estradiol-related effects I was having from using testosterone at therapeutic doses and while avoiding an AI.

Anyway, it’s a moot point. I’m using the nandrolone and if it achieves its desired result I’ll keep using it. My 2nd shot will be tonight. We’ll see. It’s an experiment.

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I’m interested to see how it works for you. Maybe you could start a log?

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Were u not using caber?

Have you tried just test & hgh? That combo should send yur libido skyrocketing…the trt clinic i go to uses that combo…done it myself & im 42 with sex drive of a 16yr old. Shit anytime im on test over 250 i feel like im 13 & just found my gran pappys playboys

No prolactin was not and issue. Tested normal in labs.

Sure, I can do some logging. I’m not sure whether to post here in Pharma or in the T Replacement section. If I post over there I’ll link to it in this thread.