Low Dose/Multiple Compounds vs Higher Dose/Less Compounds

Playing around with 2 ideas for cycles. I’ve got a few under my belt already and on trt.

Currently running a bit higher than trt @ 250gg test e split into 2 doses.

Going for a lean bulk.

Option 1: low dose - various compound

16 week lower dose cycle
TRT dose of test e 125mg MON/THUR = 250mg/week - 16 WEEKS
EQ - 187mg MON/THUR = 375mg / week - 16 WEEKS
Test prop 50mg/eod = 175mg per week - WEEK
NPP 60mg/eod = 210mg per week - WEEK 1-8
NPP 85mg/eod = 300mg per week - WEEK 9-16
Proviron 50mg per day
May or may not need aromasin 2x a week

12week higher dose cycle

TRT dose of test e 125mg MON/THUR = 250mg/week - 12 WEEKS
Test prop 100mg/eod = 350mg per week - WEEK
NPP 10Pmg/eod = 350mg per week - WEEK 1-8
Proviron 50mg per day
T-bol - 30mg Ed last 6 weeks
Aromasin 12.5mg e3d

Input is appreciated!

Both of these look like high dose and more compounds to me. I would consider myself an AAS vet, but not a well-seasoned vet. I am currently running my 6th ever cycle

250 mg/wk of test E does not appear to be TRT, it appears to be a moderate dose cruise, unless you’re just a crazy low responder.

You say you’re trying to bulk, but depending on your personal stats (height, weight, BF%) it’s hard to know what you’re trying to do. If you can’t bulk on NPP alone, then it isn’t the amount of gear you’re running that is holding you back, it is some other aspect of your life.

I compete in strength sports and even my highest dose cycle (mg/wk) I have ever run was only ~850 mg/wk, and that was just test and nandrolone. I actually got pretty freakin beefy off of that too. Currently I am running my smallest ever multiple compound cycle at 630mg/wk between 3 compounds.

I think you need to find the minimum effective dose, don’t throw caution to the wind and just blast a bunch of gear without knowing what it all does and how to best maximize its benefits.


I agree. It also just seems over complicated. I don’t understand using Test prop and Test E, and pinning them separately. Just pick one. I would choose Test E, since OP is already on TRT, and shutdown is not a concern. Additionally, the slight bump in compounds for the second half, likely isn’t going to do much. It just isn’t enough of a bump IMO. Just keep it consistent. Maybe pick a dose between the two and run it consistently.

If Test is about 600 mg/wk, I don’t see much use for EQ at 375 mg/wk (maybe if you need E2 control). If one knows they do well with NPP / Deca, I would think Test E, NPP, and Tbol would be a good stack, with the Tbol at the end. My next will likely be high Test (~900 mg/wk) with Tbol at the end at 40 mg/day.


What do you usually run for a bulk? Did it work? If yes, do it again, raise dose or add compound if you plateau. Both of these look too complicated for “lean bulk”