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Low Dose Masteron with Test

@Singhbuilder…Hey brother, I know you always espouse lower doses and getting good results. I’m going to add Masteron to my TRT cruise. I’ve run mast before but at a dose around 300-400/week. This time I thought I’d keep it low (100 - 200 mg/week) and see how it does. What experience do you have with low dose Masteron stacked with Test?


I have a wuestion for you @studhammer im thibking about adding mast to my next cycle but it seems i read a lot of “if your not under 10% bf its a waste you wont evenbnotice anything” how true is this statement? What bf did you run it at?

I’ve heard this too and personally, I found it to be false. Mast has a lot of benefits with libido and erections. I always found it to tighten me up some and it seems to provide some protection against gyno when I ran dbol.

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Hey I hope you’ve been keeping well brother.

I usually run it around 150mg/wk but have been lower. I feel that it gives an overall sense of well being, compared to test alone. It allows me to feel good on real low doses of test (80-100mg/wk).

Even at such a low dose, I do see some drying effects on it. I may just respond well to it but it certainly keeps me tight and drier than just test alone.

It could all be placebo, but I can hands down say I feel much better with Mast added into my TRT. Hope that helps my friend.


Thanks for the reply. 150/week sounds like a good target for me. I’m also trying to be economical as well. The mast I ordered is 100mg/ml so a vial wouldnt last too long on a bigger dose.

Shoulder surgery was on the 25th. I’m doing good. No pain which makes it hard to be compliant with my Dr’s orders of no movement for 6 weeks. I’ve been doing cardio and one armed movements on the cable machine to stay active.

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"Dr’s orders of no movement for 6 weeks.

Do you get to start physical therapy then?
No pain sounds like good progress.

This might be a great time while one shoulder is out of commission to work on abs glutes quads.
I asked my wife one time what was her favorite part of my body she looked at the most.
She said my ass. She said there was something about a tight firm ass was a real turn on. I though to myself all that work on everything else. I barely spend 5 minutes on my ass. Go figure, haha

Started the passive PT yesterday. Just once a week where the PT moves my arm around and stretches. I’m not allowed to engage my rotator cuff for 4 more weeks.

Definitely working on my legs and glutes. Pretty much every other day when I go to the gym. Its about 30 min cardio, leg press, extensions, curls and calves. Then its one armed stuff on the cable machines for a while.

Sometimes when I feel im shedding abit more hair than usual I will bring it down slightly to 100mg or less.

Im glad your recovery is going well. I tore my pec 3 months ago and I was back light chest pressing 2 weeks later. Maybe the gear helped speed the recovery.

From what I remember, you’re on GH too? Surely that will assist in recovery.


If your trt dose is 160 mg per week split in two injections of 80 mg. Would you split 100 mg masteron E into two 50 mg injections?

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Indeed. @alldayeveryday

But I always use Prop.


Propionate for trt? So do you run Masteron Acetate or do you stick with Masteron E?

Test prop and mast prop, shot every morning via insulin syringes.



Was…finished about a month or so ago. I miss it but its not in the budget right now.

Talk about intensive TRT mgmt! I’m using Test Eth and will add Mast Eth and pin 2x /week.

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I’ve just acquired 200iu of it. I was inspired by your results and now that I’m off my blast I may run it as you did.


At 5 iu/day, that’s only enough for 40 days. I hope you get some results. The longer you can go, the better. Don’t freak out if you gain a ton of water the first 2 weeks or so. I gained a pound a day for 2 weeks! Then it all came off almost as quickly

Oh 200iu initially. I will certainly run it longer if I see results. Thanks for the heads up!


BTW, I pinned at night. Some guys advocate pinning in the morning and potentially still capturing their own natural production. To be honest, I just didn’t have the time in the morning. I slept better with night time injections and I feel that since I was suffering from sleep apnea, I wasn’t getting any real GH production of my own anyway.

I’ve since had sinus surgery and I dont suffer from apnea anymore. I’m sleeping good again so hopefully my natural production will be restored.

I see, I notice the timings are different for different people.

I would pin in the morning as I already am used to it. I do intermittent fasting, I assume the liberated fatty acids from the GH would be burned during this time in the morning.

I also plan to pin it IM, not subQ due to the release rate. I understand that IV would provide the quickest and most natural spike in GH levels but I dont think I’ll ever be comfortable pinning IV.

Sorry about the thread hijack bro!