Low Dose, Long Term D-Bol

I have a question that I stumbled across somewhere else while researching (it wasn’t answered there). If anyone has an opinion, I would be very interested in the answer.

If 10mg of d-bol supposedly increases your test 5 times while not interfering with your own test why couldn’t one take 10mg a couple of hours prior to each workout and slowly make good quality gains without the sides?


pretty sure if you are going to use the D-bol without too much shutdown you had to take it in the morning immediately upon waking, since the half life is so short then its out of your system when you go to sleep, i.e. when you produce the most test. so in order for this too work you would have to take it in the morn not pre-workout.

but I think I have heard the idea is flawed because any exogenous test will result in shutdown, but i have heard of people doing 5-10Mg in the morn for long periods. but have heard of people doing alot of stupid shit with chemicals. anyway my .02 but any vets feel free to correct me.

Check out MikeKatz post on using a dbol bridge and recovery. It’s kinda a risky thing to do.