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Low Dose Insulin and GH

Zyzz… Also dead at 21 (but had a congenital heard defect and was notorious for his hedonistic lifestyle)

Young adults idolize him here, I can’t understand why. He was aesthetic and wasted a lot of time at raves when he was in his 20’s. How inspirational

Granted he DID encourage untrained and/or unfit men to get in shape, that in itself is admirable.

Admire someone like Lamar Gant who broke powerlifting world records despite having severe scoliosis + chronic pain.

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He broke deadlift records because of his severe scoliosis. His scoliosis made his torso effectively 4-5" shorter than it should have been, and on top of that he had long limbs even if his torso would have been normal size. Couple those things together, and his deadlift is comparable to me doing a deadlift off of 6" blocks. He barely gets the bar past his knees at lockout.


Not trying to take anything away from Gant. He seems like a great guy from everything I’ve seen. Just he has a rare case where scoliosis gave him an advantage, unlike the 99.9% who get a disadvantage from the condition.


But scoliosis that severe also causes a ton of pain/discomfort. Most people with scoliosis that bad won’t be deadlifting due to pain.

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True, but for him, if he bares the pain, it is an advantage geometrically. If all of a sudden my long torso was 4-5" shorter, I could probably set a big deadlift PR after figuring out the new form needed for my new body.

True, my deadlift is disproportionately strong because I have a short torso, short legs and long arms. My ROM is miniscule, and I’m a short guy

I can conventional DL more than I can DL with a hex bar (with the low handles).

I have no idea what my 1rm is at this point. I know it was around 215kg before my hernia op, at the time I was 155lbs, I’m now 171 (bulked up a little bit on 125mg test/wk only) at MAYBE 5’6 if we are being generous so there’s a chance I’m stronger but I haven’t gone for a 1rm. I wasn’t eating much at the start of college, as I made more money I could afford more food, going to a caloric surplus from a fairly steep deficit led to rapid weight gain.

With my state in lockdown I can’t deadlift atm.

Well, as i said and as topic says - this all is only about LOW doses of stuff.
For example, instead of torturing your pancreas with tons of food for which it has to make insulin, you can just add SOME.
Dave Palumbo explained it like it actually sounded as a healthy thing to do whilst eating ALOT… Just a controled amount of insulin for largest meals, and to counter GHs tendency to create some insulin resistance.

And what do you think adding some exogenous insulin will do to the insulin resistance caused by the GH?

Hint: it won’t make it better.

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