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Low Dose Insulin and GH

I really like the idea of low dose GH and insulin, and being able to use half of the AAS, therefore skipping all the health risks associated with AAS.
I would love people to say what think about this. I am really interested in this, but my knowledge about insulin use is limited to this one video which kind of got me hooked to research more.

Skipping all the risks?

GH makes more than muscles grow…

Insulin is tricky, you REALLY need to know what you’re doing. Even then it’s still risky.

AAS risks…

as far as i know, 2iu a day doesnt make anything grow…

thats why i said - LOW dose not the bodybuilder one where you skip a meal and die… the guy in the video made it sound pretty nice… anyways, thats why i started this topic - maybe someone can help a bit :slight_smile:

What do you think is the limit on that?

For example the range (I think it’s age adjusted because I remember seeing up to 600 for teenagers) on my labs is 50-320.
Is there any risk being at 300 in terms of organ growth, insulin resistance, etc…?

I believe that while everything is withing range or close to it, its considered replacement and should not cause any problems, as we are supposed to be at those levels naturally.

That’s what I’m hoping for.

0.9 IU of pharma (prescription) GH put me at 150, barely average. I’m on 1.8 IU now and will see in a few weeks where that puts me, but I’m aiming for somewhere between 250-300 and hoping it won’t take 3 IU/day because I don’t think my doc will prescirbe that much

150 of what? IGF?

without the 0.9 what was your GH at?

I’m interested, but I’m scared. I was told I will make myself a type 2 diabetic.

Yeah IGF-1, don’t remember the units. I think testing GH is worthless because it only fires for 30m or so a few times/day

IGF-1 was at 120 consistently over 5-6 tests, so it’s a decent increase but I can’t say I’ve really been feeling anything

2iu/day = quite a bit over natural production for many

What you are doing here is looking for loopholes to justify running more shit. What comes up must come down, there is no free lunch here.

HGH use amplifies AAS risks. Insulin resistance induced via HGH is problematic, as is cardiac hypertrophy. The prospect of unregulated tumour growth also becomes a worry as one gets older.

A purely anti-aging dose of HGH however might not be a terrible idea, but you need baseline IGF-1 bloods to see if that’s worthwhile.

Individualstic responses differ. I can’t answer this for that exact reason. Some guys stroke out on 125mg t/wk because they develop severe polycythemia. It’s rare, but it happens.

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Unpopular opinion: insulin is probably smarter to use in moderate doses in place of adding more and more gear. We’re not talking the test-only, reasonable dose crowd. This is aimed mostly at the very serious guys who are running more than a gram a week on a long growth phase. Instead of 750/500 test/nand I think it would be much less detrimental to do 500 test and run an insulin program for a chunk of the time. The problem is that nobody does that. The guys who use insulin are already on a ton of gear and have upped the GH quite a bit over the years. They’re unhealthy as shit because they’ve already done a truckload of damage and now they’re just magnifying it. But starting from an earlier and less unhealthy position? I would add insulin before adding a huge dose of nand. And everyone who considers insulin is already on GH, so that’s not even a variable here.


My igf with no GH is barelly minimal in range. On 2IU its mid-range. I will be trying a different brand soon, in hopes its a bit better, but anyways, i seem to have low IGF no matter what i do, and i am taking GH only as a replacement/anti aging thingy.

No, i am looking for ways to see best results and lowering the risks… The guy in the video said that by using LOW DOSES of gh and insulin lets him basically take 200mg of test and 200mg of primo and look close to a pro bodybuilder. I would never take a LOT of insulin, and i cant even afford lots of GH… He said very specificly - LOW DOSES not bodybuilder doses.

This is what i was thinking.
Now i am on 400mg of test, 2iu GH and Ostarine while i still have it. I was thinking that maybe someday i could drop test to 200, add insulin, and maybe actually be better off.
I was not thinking about doing a blast cycle and add insulin, but replace the cycle with insulin. The point in that video was to use insulin but drop AAS doses in half.
What do you think are the gains worth? Would insulin actually work good? Im speaking low-safe amounts, most likely some long acting one. Cuz people say insulin is the best thing there is…

Using slin/GH long term insulin resistance would be of concern. Routinely check fasting glucose, hba1c etc

I wouldn’t be able to afford ANY so you have me beat

You also need to consider Vigorous Steve had to lower the doses / come off due to fatty liver from what I’ve read so compare the date on the original video to today. Long term AAS + insulin + GH not a great mix if you wish for quality of life and minimal risk of complications.



Make sure you watch these which are informative but not as “sexy” as original video. When you spend enough time looking at this “hobby”, you end up with two potential outcomes when you abuse your body long term. Either you are a genetic anomaly like Ozzy and can do whatever you want to you body or you are not and you will face health consequences.

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To be fair… Steeve used for decades, sometimes using tren at 700-1000mg/wk + GH + slin + beta 2 agonists (not all at the same time) + thyroid hormones.

He’s lucky he got off with a reversible case of NAFLD. He probably is a generic anomaly like Ozzy Ozbourne… He took this way further than a hobby, using him as an example of the potential health ramifications won’t serve as a very good deterrent.

Use Dan Puckett as an example if you want to freak people out. Dead at 21 from an arrhythmia.

Or Gent Wakefield… Dead, 35… presumed accidental insulin overdose

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Not trying to deter, just air the risks as well as the reward for the responsible reader. We all need help sometimes making sure we don’t fool ourselves.

Sometimes I find this forum frustrating, the more I spend time showing the risks and exploring the topics in detail, the more pushback and protest I get (not picking on you). Nitpicking. Ignorance is bliss (clearly not you :slight_smile: ) so I guess this is to be expected since the original video above is a much more romantic view of having your cake and eating it to so to speak.