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Low Dose HGH Year Round, PCT with AAS?

Im training for 12 years and the last year i started to use aas. I had two 12 weeks cycles, but i didnt stoped between them. I just lowerd my dose to sustanon 250 1 ml every ten days. Im cycling for 7 mounths new and i dont want to go off/ Im 45 years old and im affraid i can get my normal produktion going before i lose my gains(wich are great). I wanted to ask if i ad a small dose( 2-3 iu) hgh, if that will save my gains as i go down with a pct. Or maybee i dont have to pct at all. Does anyone know what my options are.

No, 2 to 3iu HGH will not save your aas gains. If you are 45 you could keep some kinda TRT dose (testosterone), but with more frequent injections. Once every 10 days will put you on great disbalance, going up and down… even with sustanon (several esters) you’ll feel the peak. If ou can, divide injections 3x per week. (0,3mls per pin)…

2 to 3iu will keep you burning fat, more healthy mind and body, better sleep, higher IGF1, great, great thing, but… aas can make cells fuller, bigger and stronger and you’ll be unable to keep the size you reached.

If you can, search a Doc for TRT protocols and blood work,

Do it safe

Good Luck man

Thanks Thiago ! Im going to search for a Doc who nows about TRT.

If i understand it right, it will be something like this:

If i take a AAS cycle for lets say ten weeks, i go back afther that to TRT protocol until i do my next cycle. And if i take the 2 to 3 i.u. of HGH i will just ad some positive things to my overall health.

Also find a Doc for my bloodwork.

KInd regards,


Please go to the testosterone replacement forum and look at the stickies there.

Start with the basics in the ‘advice for new guys’ sticky there.