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Low Dose HGH to Heal Long-term, Nagging Injuries?

I’m 41yo and have some nagging minor injuries that have never fully healed. Lots of joint pain (I’m 6’6 which doesn’t help) in my knees, a partial bicep tendon tear, partial achiles tendon tear, probably a bulged disc in my lower back…

Those are not full tears but they definitely prevent me from pushing as much as I want to during my workouts and I’m essentially constantly in some amount of pain (not the good kind). The bicep tendon tear in particular makes any chest/shoulder workout very limited, and the achiles tendon injury prevents me from running, which I really enjoy.
Despite the Test C helping a lot with muscle growth, I feel “old” if that makes any sense, much older than when I was 35yo.

My TRT doc said he can get me a prescription for actual pharma grade HGH.
I wasn’t thinking about HGH too much because I’m still fine-tuning my TRT, but I heard some good things about HGH’s healing abilities even at low doses, so I was considering 1iU/day for the healing properties and other anti-aging benefits.

EDIT: My IGF-1 is low, around 115 ng/dL out of a range of 52-328 ng/dL

I tried a little for a back injury. I do not think it accelerated healing.

Athletes supposedly do this.

I heard more results from things like injecting particular peptides at injury sites or stem cells than HGH.

I’ve had 3 torn rotator cuff injuries surgically repaired and each time my ortho assures me that tendons do not heal on their own and I believe him. Now you may form scar tissue and some of your complementary muscles may compensate for your tear but drugs wont heal you.

If you want to try anything, then check out BPC-157.

With that said, if you do choose to get surgery, then GH can aid in the healing of the repair.

That’s good to know, thanks. Aren’t real stem cells illegal in the US and you have to go to Panama or something like that if you want the real deal?

Sorry to hear about the RC injuries, those are brutal.

I heard a lot of good things about BPC-157. Off the top of my head I think asking for sources is against forum policy, but would you say it’s relatively easy to find legit BPC-157 since it’s technically not for human consumption and you have to get it from a lab somewhere?

I know legit pharma HGH is incredibly hard to get UGL, for example.

I think certain kinds of stem cells are not approved in the US while other stem cells are.

The US offers stem cell treatments for knee cartilage, bulged discs and Achilles tears.

It has in my experience. BPC is not super cheap but you should be able to find it with a good search. Make sure to look around, there are some shitty sellers out there.

Also, you will need Bacti sterile water for mixing your BPC and insulin needles. All available online.

I’ve used this for small injuries, nothing major. Ordered some for my brother to use after his shoulder surgery at the end of the month. I’ll report back if it sped anything up. He’s suppose to be out for 3-4 months

My anecdotal on HGH, I have had no lessening of symptoms or relief of injuries because of it. In fact I’ve had more knee and shoulder pain on it, joint pain can be a side effect. In regards to healing, @studhammer is correct, tendon blood supply is awful. Scar tissue will form over partial tears over time, full thickness requires surgery. Cartilage also has an awful blood supply, but cannot form scar tissue. Tendon and cartilage issues plague most of us in the game long enough to be on TRT unfortunately.

Double that dose and you’re maybe in the ballpark. Otherwise you’re wasting your money and pharma GH isn’t cheap.

If you are in Europe, you can order it in the UK as it is legal as a research chemical there. You can find a good source easily. I think in the US it’s also not difficult.

In the US it’s also a research chemical and is available legally through peptide vendors.

Whatever form of treatment you get, you still need to deal with the cause and not just the symptoms,otherwise you will continue to get injuries.

Knees: whats your squat form like? If you don’t break first at the hips, then its likely your knees are getting loaded with too much shear stress.

Unless your biceps tear was from a violent sporting injury, you probably got it from overuse, and poor exercise form. Same again with the achilles tear, and the back. Do cycling rather than running, at least for a while, to give your calf a break from impact. 6’6" is big, even if you are lean, lots of impact on your joints, from medium to long distance running.

I’m guilty of the similar problems, so it wasn’t until I realised you don’t always need to train like a madman to get results(especially when you are taking gear). Some people need a whip to get results, others need to pull back on the reins to stop them from overdoing it.

What I found that helped the most drug wise was running a decent cycle of equipose 350-400mg/week, + test, for 16 weeks. The equiposie seemed to give me lots of joint relief, quick recovery, virtually bulletproof to injuries. The positive effects lasted long after finishing the cycles.
Deca has the same effect on the joints, but comes with worse potential side effects in some people like loss of libido and impotence.
Depending upon your country it should be possible to get Dr prescribed and pharmacy dispensed Deca. If not there is always blackmarket gear if you want EQ, or Deca.