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Low Dose Gear - Log


So I thought I’d make a post here advocating the low-dose approach to gear use. I feel as though the dosages that guys run these are absurd and unhealthy. I’m currently running the following:

Test P - ~100mg PER WEEK
Masteron - 70mg per week
EQ - 280mg per week
Var - 50mg/d

For me, thats a lot of gear and my blood pressure currently agree’s (157/89).
I will be dropping some of the gear, may be Var even lower and see if it improves.

I have only been on the EQ for 2 weeks but it seems to be working already at such a low dose, epic pumps and hunger seems to have increased (see pic attached)



I love it man. Nice work. I’m actually dropping my test down to 50mg x 2 a week for the next three
Months or so. I agree most people cycle with insane dosages that they don’t ever come close to needing.


Have you always ran low doses?


Great man. If you haven’t run that low of a dose you will probably feel quite good. I would maybe add around 50-60mg a week of Masteron.

I have also taken your advice on the AI, dropped it by half to 0.125mg Adex EOD and added 10mg/d of Tamoxifen.



No, I have done the high dose cycles. But I just cant seem to run those high doses anymore, my body doesn’t allow it. I cant run the same cycles with the same AI doses and expect to feel the same as I did when they actually worked. I guess its not as black and white as we thought it was.



This is great. I would really love to learn a bit more about your approach. I have been trying to cut and a friend just recommended I take Test cyp and Winstrol but I am wondering how I could put together a cycle that won’t cut my HDL too much. would love your thoughts


How’re you feeling thwse days man


Something doesn’t add up with all that.

That BP is concerning. Higher doses don’t have to yield high BP. My BP is 123/81

I’m on 150mg tren EOD, 150 mast EOD, 100 propEOD, var 100mg ED which was swapped out to winny 50mg ED

Last cycle was 300 test E, 100prop, 200EQ EOD. NO BP issues. I rand 1/2mg aromasin a day on that one. Tossed in dbol for the last 6 week 40mg ED.


Hey man,

How was your holiday?

I’m feeling pretty good I’d say. I just got back from holiday too so I haven’t been in the gym as much.

Overall, I’ve been on the EQ for 5 weeks, can’t say it has kicked in properly yet. Or, I just don’t know what I’m supposed to be feeling. I’ve bumped it up to 420mg pw, the hunger is crazy however.

Libido has also suffered, I hear this is a side effect of EQ. I can perform when needed however.



It may have been oestrogen related or maybe the high dose Anavar.

Remember everyone is different, just because one person doesn’t suffer sides does not mean the next person will not. I think my BP may have normalised now, however I have not checked recently. Perhaps I should.



Also, I did drop the AI for a while, but man I’m not sure if its fat as my diet is slightly looser than before but I feel bloated and fat as hell. Im on 20mg Nolva ED, not sure if I should go back on the AI?



I don['t feel anything on EQ until the 600-800 range and it can take up to 4 weeks to really feel it kicking in.

I doubt EQ is affecting your libido unless you don’t have enough test with it. 420mg of IQ should be run with at least 800mg of test. FOr me it would be a gram to a gram and a half.

I doubt the libido bit is estro related. Most guys have estro related libido issues when their estro is driven too low. Increased estro often will boost libido.

Are you bloated? High BP? puffy and or itchy nips


Jesus thats an assload of gear, I sure hope you are almost at pro-level in whatever you may be doing to be running such high amounts of gear.

No puffy or itchy nipples but certainly feel bloated/watery. I cant figure out if its fat gain from my holiday diet or high oestrogen levels?

I did take 0.25mg Adex yesterday, slight joint discomfort today from that.



It’s all relative and yes, in powerlifting I am sponsored and compete at the pro level.


Hey thats great man! That explains the high dosages. I’ve been up to 750mg Test E in the past, but I really don’t know how I managed my E at that dose. I couldn’t do it anymore.

I’ve decided to drop EQ from my stack, but for the strangest reason. Skin colour, its making me dark as hell! People are beginning to ask questions and I cannot have that. Its a shame, im in week 5 and I may just be kicking in. Oh well.



I just finished a high eq low test cycle. I started out at 250 mg of test a week and noticed that my sex drive was lower than normal. I increased ithe test after 4weeks to 375mg a week. It helped but still was not the same as a high test cycle or even when I ran eq and test as the same mg. The biggest plus was also that I was able to drop my ai after the first three weeks which is the first time I have been able to do that. My knees would ach a lot. I ran 20 mg of novadex from the beginning and lowered it to 10mg a day. I am not blaoted like a normal higher test cycle. My sex drive was a little low but it was kind of nice not being controlled by it.


It was amazing man thank you. A good breather with the family does wonders.